Tips For Promoting Your Book At Signings Or Public Functions

Bhumika Ghimire

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I read somewhere that to sell a book is tougher task than actually writing one. Anyone who has tried doing so will attest to this saying. Why is it so tough to sell a book? Well, there are many factors which affect this but with the way people's reading habits have changed over the years is certainly one of them.

So if you are a writer ready to sell that precious creation try to be creative and use book signings and public functions to make some sales and get public attention.

Here are some tips to make the best of book signings and public functions:

#If you are planning to promote or sell your book at the book signing or a public function, contact the organizers early and get their permission. Ask them bout the kind of crowd that is going to be there and the demographics. That way you will be able to tailor your promotion to fit the audience.

# Appear cheerful, approachable and confident. Remember if people like you and are interested in what you have say, they are more likely to buy your book.

#Answer questions with confidence and humor. Little joke helps break ice and creates a comfortable environment.

#If you are having a book signing, prepare a sign with picture of your book and hang it where maximum number of the audience members can see it. That create interest and curiosity among the audience.

#Dress appropriately, if not sure err on the side of conservative.

#Prepare leaflets with an extract from the book and distribute them. Tease the audience to know more about the book.

# And finally, thank the audience and the organizers after the event for the opportunity.

I hope you have a great time selling your book. All the best.

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