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Here's a quote taken from Chapter 11, page 29 of my first book - “If I were to state everything that Annah did, I wouldn’t be able to finish this story!" If you've read that publication, “The Story of Annah, " you’ll know that the half hasn’t yet been told. “Eph. 4:11- And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists …” Wait - Stop right there!

And being the answer to a few saints’ prayers in the story, this “called by God” gifted evangelist shares her struggles and accomplishments during her 4½ year evangelism ministry, to bring a world to its knees, while overcoming many pitfalls Satan has put in her way! That’s enough to show her “chief adversary" as being the liar that he really is. Just know that, while you’re reading, she’s not bragging about herself, in a selfish sense, but is making her “boast in the Lord. ” And after reading her story, you'll begin to realize that no goal is impossible, with the Lord’s help, and acknowledge that “Jesus is Lord!" And that's no story! OK Mrs. Lei! You're on . . .

The Challenge

Praise the Lord! - It’s little oh me, Annah! And because the Prime Minister claimed me as his own daughter, before my 21st birthday, I won’t let living at the palace to “go to my head. ” Sometime ago after God called me, he has told me that Satan, the ruler of darkness, had challenged him, saying, “I bet you'll end up having to destroy the people within 5 years after all, because I've contaminated them, so badly; and look at what I've done to your so-called saints. " But, God told him, “Not so! I have a ‘Master plan’ to bring the world to its knees. ” Then, Satan laughed, saying, “Within five years? Impossible! You know that you don't have the time to tolerate the human race much longer - so there!" But, God said to him, “Think again! Is there anything too hard for me?" And Satan said, “All the humans are pathetic. Although your Son didn't fail in his time, I can cause anyone else to serve me and hate you. ” Finally, God said, “My plan shall not fail. But, yours already have. ” And then, Satan was no longer laughing after that and said, “We’ll see about that - you’re on!”

Annah’s Personal Testimony,

Unfortunately, I was living in a crazy world in which the saints, as a whole, had become distracted by Satan's power and gotten weak to the point where the evil forces were able to take over, causing hatred and violence among the people worldwide. My own life was even shattered, when my father was gunned down in our kitchen and then, my mother shot herself to death, later on the same evening. Being displeased, the Lord was angry over all the evil that was happening among people worldwide and would’ve destroyed them, almost immediately. But instead, he heard the cries of a faithful few, through his mercy, and did something miraculous.

Prior to that, I was a martial arts fighter and one of the best - anyone who messed with me, got his butt kicked, if not killed! My high school classmates did call me, “The bombshell with a short fuse. " Shortly after turning 20, I was fatally wounded, following a fight with three men. A short time, after being pronounced dead on the operating table, the Lord brought me back and gave me an assignment, after healing me. And following this, I experienced his overwhelming Holy Ghost presence within me, after being given special powers. And not long after that, I came to realize that from the time the Lord called me, Satan's plan was bound to fail, when he failed to take my soul to the Hell that was made for him.

As you'll see in my diary, Satan did move certain people against me and put traumatic scenarios in my way, to hinder my mission, which is, to evangelize God's name, to curb the violence, to bring nations together, and to strengthen his saints.

And being assured that the Lord was with me, during and after my training, I proceeded to carry out my “God-given" assignment, even in the midst of my fears, as Satan’s attacks gradually increased. For the Lord already knew that if I followed his divine instructions, his plan would prevail over Satan's evil plots, because of his special powers working through me, in the form of signs, wonders, and prophecy. Maybe, this is why it wasn’t necessary to put a timeframe upon me, saying, “You have only five years or else, the people of this wicked generation will perish. " Anyway, Satan had a contract out on my life to stop me, even during my early missionary days, hoping, if having done so, that God would withdraw his mercy.

Each day, I’ve been keeping a diary, from the first week of my assignment, which was about six months after my 24th birthday; not the time before, after turning 20, in which, I was in training. Now, I'm going through my diary to reflect on my many experiences, starting from week one. I'm 30 years old now, 5 months pregnant, and my husband has just left on another business trip. Once I got started in my ministry of evangelizing, I had my personal scribe to take my “verbal” notes. As you’ll see, that in my diary, I use my first name a lot - that’s OK, because I’m a Japanese woman, still trying to get the feel for other languages. Want to look at my diary with me? Let's see! It all started . . .

(The rest of this book, "Diary of Super Evangelist" is available on and other online retailers. )

Hi my name is Bruce. And if you're divinely inspired, be sure to read the new release of my publication. Besides having written and published this third book, more info can be found at this address, and I hope you enjoy the new release of my new book.


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