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A Secret to Make Your Book a Best Seller


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There is a secret to writing your bestselling book. I would like to tell you about it, so that you can use it as I have.

There's only a very few people who become President or Prime Minister.
Some people become movie stars and are icons of the Silver Screen.
There are quite a few who become super athletes in certain fields of sport.

We have missed all that. We were waiters, bricklayers, armed forces personnel, bank managers, traffic wardens and the like, but I won't go on. I'm sure you have the message.

We have most probably met somewhere in life. We might have mentioned we had an idea for a bestselling book. We've most certainly thought “I can write a book".

Dear reader you can! You can become a bestselling author. There's tons of room for bestsellers. Not like those we mentioned above who have to work so very hard for the very few opportunities available.

First things first.

What is the potential market for your book?
If it hasn't got broad appeal then it has to be dumped in the trash bin before you even write one word.

Can you produce a whole book from your idea without filling it with crap?
Is there enough material to research?
What are similar books and how are they doing?

So the message is clear. Do not limit your market. Write for everyone. Fill a need and write on a subject that all can respond to.

"How To" books are a winner every time. The title normally tells it all. If you can show how to do do something rather than take a course or go to a seminar you are on the right track.

Before we go ahead there are still things to sort out.
How many books have been written on the subject?
Has it been done to death?

Can you put a totally different slant on it?

Find the idea which can appeal to all, both sexes, all areas, worldwide.
Check the book lists. What is current?
Talk to bookshop owners. They will tell you.

Part of the winning team. The title. Pick one before you start. Never mind all the bumphh about not starting with a title.

Get involved with your title. Mention it. Get yourself into it. Much like an actor getting into a part. Live with it. Eat, sleep and dream your title. Even if thoughts bring you new ideas put them down to look at once you have finished your book.

Zillions of books have been sold on a good title. Good titles sell. Titles can make Bestsellers. One Minute Manager. Joy of Sex. How to Flatten Your Stomach. Lotto Buster and so on.

So concentrate on The Title. It can make your book a best seller.

You realise I can only write an article here, not a 150 or 200 page book. I have written some eBooks and other articles on writing. You will find them when you put my name into the search engine on this website.

In the meantime, all the best, stick at it, sweat, tears and research. Just do it!

It's goodbye from me.


Barry Sheppard

Author Bio

Publishing pro and author/filmmaker Barry Sheppard has written and published many books with hundreds of reviews in newspapers, TV and radio. He is now concentrating on eBook writing/publishing and starting his own television station.


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