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Ellen Farquharson

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Effective Communication Class: Overcoming Objections

3 big questions:
1. Why do you want to be a successful? (time, $, helping others)
2. What are you willing to temporarily give up to achieve that goal?
3. Are you willing to do anything your director tells you to do in order to get there?

Before we even begin, you must answer these. Then, your goal is to get your daily activities in alignment with your goals: your words (every single one that comes into your head and out of your mouth), your actions (are they done with discipline or emotion). This business is a MIND GAME and a NUMBERS GAME! If you are uncomfortable at first, GOOD!!! If you press through that feeling you will overcome it reach your victory.

3 keys to a successful business:
1. Consistent (every, every, every day- not when you feel like it)
2. Quality (ask yourself if you’d snuggle up with her in a double bed at Seminar)
3. Numbers (either you will beat the numbers or the numbers will beat YOU)

How often do you give into doubt? Do your words line up with your desires? Do your actions line up with your words? It starts as a thought/ desire (thoughts are a MAGNET: what you think about you bring about), then moves into words (what you language is what you get- doubt or belief), ACTION: You want massive results? To become a director in the minimum time, to get a $10,000 paycheck, to go get your dream car and have SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR IT??? MASSIVE ACTION= MASSIVE RESULTS!

You are a superstar. Just accept it. God did not have time to make a nobody. You are somebody so special to him. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. He delights in you. God will reach down and rescue you from the raging waters because He delights in YOU! But guess what, I have to believe it is possible first. I have to believe in myself despite my past, my fears, or my failures. We’re all human. Mary Kay says we fail forward to success. Speak healing, loving, positive words to yourself every day and you will attract people who want to work with you. Women WANT to be a part of something significant. They want to feel special. They want to make a difference, help others, and have plenty of money to take care of their family and give to charity. They need this business, so please, release your small minded thinking, step up to a higher level mentally, and do not allow your thoughts or words to mess up your clarity and focus.

Now, let’s talk about the communication part. Words have SO much power. Your tone has so much power. You have so much power! USE IT!!! Learn to expect objections! It’s part of your job. People need to be updated. They remember us from 20 years ago and this is the new millennium of Mary Kay. We need leaders! The company is having a mass exodus right now of over 70% of their highest ranked women retiring. The internet is the new key to our success with over 85% of our sales online. In fact, the company released new stats today that 81% of customers today purchased Mary Kay after receiving a sample and going online!!! Skin care classes work, but that is NOT the only way to do business anymore. Catch up and catch on, ladies. We have mountains to move.

Ellen Farquharson’s Accolades
Senior Sales Director, Ellen Farquharson, started her Mary Kay career in April of 2001. She became a director in the minimum time and was the #1 Dean’s List in her debuting class Nationwide, receiving a beautiful blue topaz Dean’s List ring. She has earned 4 company cars in her Mary Kay career, 2 of which are the beautiful Pink Cadillac, for which she takes $900 a month to drive her brand new silver CLK Mercedes. Ellen has been in the Queen’s Court of Sharing every year of her business, once in the top 20, once in the top 5, and most recently as Queen of Sharing for 2006 Sapphire Seminar- for which she won a gorgeous 3 carat Bee pin, a 5 carat Pink Tourmaline ring surrounded by 2 carats of diamonds, and she has also earned 4 beautiful bumblebee pins. Ellen has been in the Circle of Excellence 3 times, once in the $450,000 circle. Her highest paycheck has been in excess of $17,000 for ONE month. She is so proud to have such powerful offspring directors in her area, and is on a mission to grow her area to 30 Directors immediately. Her passion is emp


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