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Public Speaking - 5 Tips For Writing a Fast Speech


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Imagine this scenario. You are at a conference that your work is hosting. Your boss comes up to you and says he would like you to say a few words later. Public Speaking is not your favorite pursuit. In fact you hate public speaking! Panic sets in. What do you do?!

Just follow these key steps and you can knock up an impressive speech in no time at all!

  • Identify a clear message that you want to get across to the audience
  • Decide on a closing.
  • Think of points that will help you get to that closing
  • Develop an opening that will grab the audience’s attention.

So, the first thing to do is decide on the message that you want to get across. Are you trying to sell an idea, get information across, or inspire the audience? Whatever it is, it’s important to be clear on the core message, as the next steps are used to support the message.

Now, decide on the conclusion you want to make. Where do you want the speech to end up? Deciding on a closing at this point makes the next step of coming up with points to support your message so much easier. You now have a direction to take.

Once you have your closing, decide on points to support that message. Come up with as many points as you can, then rank them in importance and relevance. Keep as many as you need, based on the time limit you have. Flesh the points out, keeping the closing message in mind. See how developing the closing first makes the rest of developing a speech so much more structured?

What is the purpose of your public speaking engagement? Do you want to call the audience to some sort of action? If so, remember to use desire, as it is a powerful human emotion. For example, a statement such as “if you want X, then you should do Y” to get what you want, is very powerful, as it gets the audience thinking, and feeling emotions that promotes the call to action that you desire. Do you want them to take a specific piece of information away? The best way to do this is to use statistics to support your message, and then interpret these statistics to illustrate and give meaning to the statistics. Interpretation of statistics keeps the message real. Are you putting up an argument for a specific cause? The more real you can make the message, the more likely it is that the audience can relate to what you are saying, and remember essence of what you have said.

Now you have got the closing identified and the supporting points developed, work on an opening. This should suit the topic and be attention grabbing. Use humor if you are like, as this is a good way of starting any public speaking engagement, and connecting with the audience.

Has the above article helped? If you would like to learn more about Public Speaking and speech writing, there is a definitive guide to Public Speaking at This guide shows you everything you need to know to write and deliver a dynamic and powerful presentation with confidence and style.


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