More Powerful Than PowerPoint - YOU!

Debbie Fay

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Believe it or not, the most powerful visual aid at your disposal is YOU! Think about it, you are 3 dimensional, moving, LIVE. What could be better? Not even the automotrons at Disney can bring your presentation to life as well as you can. An added bonus; nervous energy can be channeled through that 3D live you for the benefit of your audience and transmission of your message.

We ALL (even those of us big ol’ hams) feel tremendous amounts of nervous energy before a presentation. The difference between a confident presenter and a nervous wreck is that the former has learned to channel his/her energy POSITIVELY. This presenter gestures often and expansively, moves about the room with purpose, smiles. In fact, their whole body is a visual AID; it is helping transmit their message AND expelling nervous energy in a way that’s beneficial to them and their audience. It’s a classic win-win.

So, how do we become a great visual aid? First of all, we speak about something we believe in and are enthusiastic about. If you’re not jazzed about your message, it will be virtually impossible for others do drum up enthusiasm for it. Second, (and I’ve said this before but it bears repeating) you MUST practice. When your subject matter becomes ingrained in your very being it will exude from your pores when you speak about it. You won’t be able to STOP yourself from gesticulating, moving from one side of the room to the other with great purpose and (yes, you) smiling. You should be so excited about your message and know it so well that it virtually explodes out of your entire self. And when you are THAT invested in your presentation two great things will happen. One: the “nervous” part of your energy will give way to purpose and enthusiasm, and two: you’ll be heard.

Debbie Fay, founder of bespeak presentation solutions, a public speaking coaching/presentation skills building company, is an award winning trainer and teacher with a lifetime of theater experience. Debbie has helped hundreds of people of all ages, backgrounds and careers present with confidence and be heard. To learn more, point your browser to; or contact debbie at


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