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The aim of writing is to get the formless into form. Once you have put something down in print, you have captured and contained it. You have made your idea presentable. The more you do it, the more you are able to do it and the faster you become at churning out writings and crystallizing thoughts. Use whatever words you have learned in your mind to express your ideas. You don't have to wait until you learn the perfect words. The words that you have is given to you by providence in the moment. What you have right now is enough. You can always refine everything later.

Make notes. Jot down ideas and phrases as they occur to you. Just get things down before you forget them. As an open minded writer, you should always keep a note pad or at least some post-it notes handy where ever you go or wherever you are. When an idea pops into your head, jot it down for expansion later. It is much easier to integrate or build upon existing material than it is to create from nothing.

A technique of writing is called clustering. When you have a whole bunch of notes and prewritten chucks of writing to work with, you find that you can combine and integrate selected ones into one area. You can also go looking for information from other places to pick out specific information or phrases that fit with your particular piece. You can then rearrange, reorganize and rewrite the writing in any way that you like.

Allow your writing to be free flowing and freely expressed. Do not try to stop yourself from putting whatever you are thinking into writing at the moment you are writing. Just write whatever thoughts come to your mind about the subject. You can always edit and refine later. This is the way of freewriting. You will find that you have an abundance of things to write when you do it that way.

Write it down without judging and accept it as it is. When you look back awhile later, you will find that what you have poured forth and in the form that it appears just seems right and acceptable to you.

There is really no importance to writing a good article other than to nourish your feeling of self worth. If one weren't in need of validation as a writer, one could delightfully doodle, happily creating lots of potential articles. Without the need for self validation, talent and acquired knowledge flow naturally.

You must resist the temptation to make “a piece" out of it. Just keep doodling. As you detach, the piece seems to write itself. And the next thing is very important, you must also feel free to throw things away!

Sometimes you may not have anything to write about for a few days and then suddenly you can have five article ideas that pop up in a single day. The sources for content even show up on that day itself. You can put them all together first and then for the next few days, all you simply have to do is to edit and rework those articles into completion.

The number of writings that you can do is determined by your intention. When you set an intention to create five articles per week, you will find that each day you receive information and inspiration to create those articles. Anything can be done when you have the intention to do it.

When you write an article, you may add more and more substance into it until you find that it is possible to actually split it into two. You can take part of the writings in it and put it in a new article with a more specialize theme. You may even find that you have turned the original article into two new articles of different names that are so much more fulfilling and better then if you have not done the split.

There is one very important rule you need to keep in mind. Never, never toss out an entry whether it be a chapter or article, because you're dissatisfied with its outcome. Even if you think its the worst written piece of trash in the whole of planet earth. Wait a few weeks or months. Chances are, you'll be surprised how much potential it has when you pick it up later. With a little editing, it'll turn out as good as you wanted it to be.

The source of all knowledge is within yourself. You may think that the information you are looking for is some where else but it can come right from where you are. When you put yourself in the emotional state necessary and have your consciousness focused on the topic you are writing about, you will have thoughts coming to you. Write them down and you will be amazed at how much you are able to create on the spot.

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