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The Secret of Charisma Can Make Any Audience Just Want to Look, Listen and Feel You


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What is Charisma?

The word ‘charisma’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘gift’, or ‘divine favor’. It’s that indefinable quality of being an attraction magnet; you just want to look at, listen and feel people who are charismatic.

On the platform, having charisma means you can easily deliver a stunning presentation and wow the audience at the same time. A charismatic speaker is someone who while speaking, seduces the audience and delivers his/her message.

It seems that there are two keys you need to master to have charisma: you must have solid inner game; where you know what you’re about and you’re strong inside. You must have solid outer game; where you know how to direct your language, tonality and body language.

And not forgetting the secret pattern all charismatic speaker employ. However we will not discuss this “Charisma Pattern” here but learning this step-by-step pattern will enable anybody to start being more charismatic on stage almost immediately. You can get the whole pattern in the new ebook titled “The New Art of Speaking” by Jag Senghera. The points below are general points that will help you have charisma as a speaker.

1) An unwavering gaze.

All personality with charisma has an unwavering gaze. Bill Clinton holds people’s eyes for more then 10 seconds so does other charismatic personalities. The first thing you must do is have an unwavering gaze. Every person you meet, hold their gaze for at least 2 second or slightly longer.

2) A variety of changing facial expressions and gestures.

Start getting comfortable using more facial expression and using your hands. The secret to charisma is variety. Use them to emphasize what you say. You need to learn how to change from smiling to serious, joking to intense in a heartbeat.

3) Mid-tempo speed of speaking.

Every charismatic person has a measured pace of speaking. Speak to fast and you appear insecure. Speak too slowly and you bore people. You need to master the art of pacing your speed of speaking to have charisma.

4) Use of pauses in their speech.

To have charisma while you give a speech you can use well-timed pauses …add emphasis and…build anticipation. Remember take your time while speaking and pause. There is great power in pauses.

5) A variety of vocal tonality.

Try to remember the most interesting person you know in your life and you will realize they have an exciting way of speaking. Listening to them is always fun. One person I know who just good at varying his vocal tonality is Anthony Robbins. You can almost jump up with energy just by hearing him speak. Listen to how he slows down, and punctuates certain words in-between or just explode into a new sentence - done together with his gestures. It’s just amazing.

6) Passionate

You need to be so passionate with your self and the work you do that so much off it comes through in everything you says. People like Gandhi and Martin King Luther were so passionate with their cause that when they spoke people took notice. This is the single most important thing you need to know about having charisma. Get passionate with what you are doing and everything else will fall in place.

Nothing is easy, that’s why it’s worth doing. When you start learning and applying these charisma techniques in your life you will find reason and excuses why it won’t work but I suggest you keep at it and one day you will realize when you speak people will sit up and listen.

Read and Learn more on the Art of Speaking by Jag Senghera for free. Discover how you too can overcome your fear of public speaking and have the confidence to make a difference in your life.


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Audience Engagement: 5 Ways to Get Your Audience to Say “I Do”
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