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Get The Speech Right Before Anything Else

The one mistake that many speakers make is getting their promo and press in order and sending it out and they don’t even have their speech scripted out yet.

This was my problem. I had a beautiful one sheet and headshot and brochure, but my speech wasn’t even anywhere near ready for the podium. I was still an amateur and it showed.

Write your speech. Then re-write it again and again until you’ve got it the way that will make people listen and want more. Then, start working on the other stuff.

When I first started going on stage, I spoke too fast and I slurred my words and I didn’t look at all like the person that my professional press indicated that I was.

People would see my press and assume I was a pro. But what they saw on stage was anything but.

You must write and re-write your speech first. Then you must practice it over and over again. Have it down so you can recite it in your sleep. Anywhere, any time, you can do it.

It’s the only way you can go on stage with confidence. If you don’t know or believe in your speech, it will show and you will come off as not being an expert at your topic.

I talk about humor therapy. I’ve been doing humor for over twenty years, but when I first went on stage to do it as a professional speaker, I looked like someone who had just got up from the audience and tried it for the first time.

Fortunately, I taped that performance and it’s embarrassing to look at it now. But it’s also a great learning tool. It showed me what not to do next time.

I have since practiced my speech over and over again and I have re-written it several times until I got it tight and full of the information they need.

I’ve added a message in the speech. They need a message they can take home with them.

Now, my promo goes with my speech and I am considered an expert at humor therapy.

Learn your speech first and then work on the promo and marketing yourself. Speak for free wherever you can; Kiwanis, Rotary’s, Civitans, Chambers of Commerce, anywhere they’re willing to hear you until you get the speech down the way you want it. Then, start marketing yourself as an expert in your field.

BC is a professional speaker on Humor Therapy and voice coaching. his website is http://www.worldwidebc.com


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