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How to Write A Funny Best Man Speech – Learn From Comedians (Part One)


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Every best man wants to deliver a great speech. It’s something that can make a day absolutely perfect. It’s all too easy for it to go very wrong or be a bit of a let down. This is usually for the same reasons time after time and most of it stems from nerves.

The problem tends to start as soon as the person first thinks about writing a speech. There’s usually a sense of terror when they ask what they should write about. Part of that terror is based on the fact they’re not really sure where to start. In addition there’s a slight assumption that they could fail and that takes a hold and makes the job even harder.

One of the other assumptions is that comedians are constantly funny and when they’re on stage they can just trot out joke after joke because they are always funny people. This assumption is false and once you understand that and how they do it you too can use their techniques to deliver a fantastic comedy best man speech.

Good comedy is very carefully constructed. Like a magic trick, to the audience it looks like one thing. To the magician who conjures the trick it’s very different. To the magician its a series of actions linked together in a way designed to create the magic in the eyes and mind of the audience.

That careful construction is made up of three steps that you can use to create a great best mans speech:


Comedians are no different. The good news is you can use these techniques to the same effect. So how do you start?

Watch The Greats in Action

This is a great point to start. If you watch comedians live shows and look hard enough they give away some of the techniques that go to make a great show. Your best man speech is just a cut down version of the two hour special.

So watch some great comedians in action on your DVD or video player as a start. Try and get content from a range of comedians. You may need to watch a couple of times to get the laughter out of the way. Once you’ve done that it’s time to examine them in a little more depth. Once you’re able to do that you’ll see similar things time after time.

The first thing to note is the preparation. A comedy show and it’s routine undergoes a lot of preparation. It’s should be obvious but many people don’t grasp the show on TV is usually one date in a nationwide tour and the content is virtually the same in each city.

People often take the routine at face value and assume that the comedian stands up and delivers a fresh routine each time.

It’s not true. Good comedy takes preparation and so do good speeches. Great preparation will help you to build a nearly flawless speech.

The second thing to note when watching is how organised the show is. Very rarely does a comedian go off a subject and then come back to it, only to go off at another tangent. The best shows tend to have distinct flows to them. One subject is covered, then there’s a move to another subject. That helps the comedian to lead the audience where they want to take them for maximum effect.

Use this technique in your speech and you too can lead your audience right where you want them.

The third thing to note is delivery. People can only laugh if they can clearly hear and understand the routine. Comedians use a whole stack of techniques to deliver their routine. This includes varying the pitch of their voice to emphasize particular points, facial expressions, body movements and other techniques. Try watching the routine at parts where they do that and ask yourself would it be as funny if they didn’t change their facial expression the way they just did.

Also with their ability to control the delivery they know to have high points and low points in their delivery. This allows them to calm the audience down from hysterical laughter so that they can build them up again while allowing them to hear everything.

In future articles we’re going to explore in a little more depth exactly how any best man can use these techniques to great effect in the wedding speech.

Best Man speeches can round off the perfect day. Andrew Leatherland is creating a great source of information all in one place. You can view it at


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