9 Top Public Speaking Tips


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Public speaking is something most of us have to face at some time in our lives. We can either approach it the way a great many of us do, by muddling through, and hoping we come off unscathed, or we can take note of certain simple inclusions we can make, to ensure we are the best public speakers we can be. Follow these nine public speaking tips for immediate results:

(1) Delivering a speech is like performing as an actor on stage. Your attire should be appropriate to the occasion. If the topic is serious, then be serious. The image you portray, should reflect the topic being presented. However, it does not mean that he has to look boring in any way. Despite the seriousness of the topic, project yourself as an enthusiastic, lively, and confident speaker.

(2) It is often said that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. So make eye contact when delivering a speech or presentation. Although you may have heard that you should play to just one person, especially if you're nervous of a large group, as a public speaker, avoid this. Be sure to look at your whole audience as though they've been long time friends and acquaintances.

(3) The opener to your speech must be really catchy in order to grab the audience's attention. These people have a lot of things going on in their minds prior to hearing the speech presentation and a good eye opener of the speaker's words would definitely get their minds into mental participating gear during your talk. An icebreaker will help; write the topic on a board and ask the audience what things they would want to hear about the topic. Lastly, in this section, don't pass up the opportunity to deliver a good joke, if appropriate to your talk. Don't force it.

(4) Pause when you need to. This will allow the speaker and the listeners to reflect upon and absorb everything that has been said. You need to look good if you want your message to be taken seriously, so never look like a public speaker who is already out of breath.

(5) Enhance presentations by employing audio-visual materials. When your audience can actually see what you are talking about, it cab often double or even triple the impact of your message. Power point presentations, posters, flip charts etc are all easy to use and are all worth including, if applicable.

(6) Keeping track of the time is important so as not to bore the audience. Never allow your speech to run on beyond the time allotted since there could be other speakers and listeners could also have other appointments.

(7) Recap what has been discussed at the end of your presentations. Covering each general point again, very briefly, can make your public speaking presentation look very professional.

(8) Open the floor for questions and never fear not being able to answer each one of them. Remember, prior to making your presentation or speech, you should have carried out adequate research to be able to answer most questions. Your audience are, after all, looking to you to fulfil their thirst for the information they are looking for.

(9) Enjoy the whole public speaking experience. The audience can feel any discomfort that the speaker is feeling at that moment. Do not indulge in pretensions, just relax, and as long as the topic is well researched and clear, you will have a good chance of coming off well. The image you projected is often held in mind more than the topic being discussed anyway.

These 9 simple public speaking tips can enhance the effectiveness of any speech, or public speaking presentation you may be making.

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