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Good comedy writing begets laughs but is serious business. Churning out good comedy can be a very exacting and tough job. A lot of hard work goes into writing material that can get good laughs. The core idea of a piece of comedy may be gleaned in a moment of inspiration, but putting it into the right words takes some doing. Phrasing, reviewing, rephrasing and then reviewing again- a few rounds of this process is essential for a good piece of comedy to see the light of day.

Comedy writers need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and decide which kind of comedy they write best. Types of comedy varies from one liners to a lengthy ramble popularly referred to as a routine. A routine could be made of several “gags" or have just one main theme that is worked upon. Sketches are long pieces of comedy and need to be prepared well with a generous sprinkling of gags. Comedy writers who write good sketches are a much sought after lot.

A natural talent for comedy can be turned into a fruitful occupation like comedy writing with a lot of focused hard work and the use of several tricks of the trade. One can learn these tricks of the trade by observing master comedians at work. Careful analysis of others’ works will educate an aspiring comedy writer about the intricacies of comedy variations.

Excess words are a big deterrent to good comedy. Conversational language is the best choice for conveying jokes of any kind. Comedy writers should assess their writings for maximum usage of conversational language.

Comedy writers need a lot of jokes but it is the ability to place the right jokes in the right place that makes a piece of comedy appealing. A joke might be very good but if does not fit into the scene it is best not used - this is a thumb rule for all comedy writers. Another angle that comedy writers need to work on is timing. The right timing makes all the difference to a good joke.

By adhering to a few basic rules and assessing their work objectively comedy writers can turn out excellent pieces of comedy.

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