Writing Better: Secret Tip Revealed for Writing Faster-Easier

Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D.

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The day I learned this writing tip was the day my writing got a whole lot easier, faster, and more fun. It's no secret really, but this one tip could change the way you write articles for the Web, for your ezines, your blog, for all sorts of marketing content:

It’s called theMake a list” technique

That's right. Not too complicated, is it? As Jeff Herring, The Article Guy, puts it: “If you can write a 7-item grocery list, you can write an article. "

Ever since I learned that, getting started with writing (some say this is the most difficult part) has become a snap. If I'd known it was this simple, I might have skipped graduate school.

Here's how it goes in my head: Say I need to write an article on “ezine publishing. ”

How do I know that I need to write about ezine publishing? I did a keyword search and my newsletter site www.CustomizedNewsletters.com doesn't come up on the first page of Google when people search on the keyword phrase “ezine publishing. " The site comes up on page 3.

If I have more web pages using the keyword phrase “ezine publishing", I should improve my page ranking. Therefore, I need to publish more articles using those keywords on my website, on my blog, and in my ezine, which gets archived on the Web, and submit these articles to article directories.

Here's how the “Make a List" writing tip works:

I started with all the reasons why it's important to publish an ezine and made a list. I came up with 8 good reasons. Then I looked at what goes into publishing an ezine and made a list. I discovered there are four different components you have to pay attention to. Then I looked at writing an article for an ezine, and made a list of 10 important things to include in the article.

You see how this goes? I have just created three different articles:

1. 8 Reasons to Publish an Ezine
2. 4 Essential Steps to Ezine Publishing
3. 10 New Rules for Writing a Successful E-Newsletter

I ended up writing a special report that includes all three sub-topics. The only place you can get it is at www.ezinepublishingsystem.com. (There is no obligation to buy anything, just go there to download the special report if you'd like to learn more about ezine publishing. )

Next I'll be writing “10 Easy Article Writing Tips", based on what I have been talking about here. I gotta walk my talk, you know, and this 10 tips list just got created while I was writing this article. That's the power of the secret “Make a List" tip. Writing gets easier, faster, and better.

For more leading edge ezine tips go to http://www.coachezines.com . You can also subscribe to Newsletter Nuggets at http://www.newsletternuggets.com . To learn more about using ezines and other tools like blogs, go to http://www.blogsquad.biz . Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D. is writer and Internet Marketing expert with over 7 years experience marketing online.


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Fast Ebook Writing - The Secret to Succeed in Ebook Writing
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