The Destiny of Every Writer

Arleen Kaptur

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We are writers because we have something to say, a statement to make, or just want to express our innermost feelings and emotions to others that we may never get the opportunity to meet in reality. When we write, a part of who we are, what we stand for, and a catalog of attributes, faults, personal values and beliefs, and assorted personality features come into play. We are who we are and even if we try and change our whole personality on paper, the real shining person behind the facade will come through. It usually does through the language our characters use or their choice of words, emotions, or even their descriptions. If a friend wrote about the same scenario, or subject matter, and tried valiantly to copy your style, it would never be duplicated to perfection. That is why there is only one Stephen King, and one Ernest Hemmingway.

The destiny of every writer is the legacy they leave behind in every project they pursue, whether or not it is published. In other words, placing a part of yourself on that piece of paper does not detract from who you are, or make you less of a person. In fact, it increases your awareness, as well as your ability to bring creativity and your own unique talent to the surface. Remember when mom always said, Practice makes perfect - well, maybe perfection isn't right there before you for now, but it certainly has been awaken like a sleeping giant and is just there lying around your crushed discards of paper or your half-ideas that are either written or just in your head.

It is etched in the stars and heavens above that once you get past the initial fear or phobia of “writing" whether professionally or just in your journal, the proverbial cat is out of the bag and the only way around it is up. While you may encounter some lapses in genius, or life gets in the way and you close the drawer on unfinished manuscripts, deep in the recesses of your mind the die has been cast and it will remain there - you can choose to ignore it, silence it through a whirlwind of other activities, or you can speak to it gently and close your eyes and find out what it has to say and react then.

Writing can be a demon in the closet or an angel sitting on your shoulder. Either way, once the egg of writing has been hatched, your destiny will be to express yourself in ways you never thought possible. It will open up avenues of creativity that you felt intimidated you before, and it will make the world outside more colorful with hues that only imagination could have brought into being. Being a writer is your destiny and if you choose to follow it bravely, then it will gain a life of its own by allowing you to be more sensitive to information, people, and events. You will begin to see “possibilities" all around you, from a simple walk in the woods to a quiet respite on a bench in a shopping mall. Face it - that is your destiny so enjoy the ride and never look back.

Arleen M. Kaptur

©January, 2007

Arleen is the owner of A & J Northwoods, a gourmet food, gift and book shop. She has written numerous articles and stories on living life abundantly and enjoying every minute of it through creativity and inspiration.


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The Writer's Identity: Exploring the Writer Within
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