Where Ebooks Come from: The EzineArticles Cabbage Patch and AIM Stork Delivery

Jan Verhoeff

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Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Walters spin-offs come to mind, when old friends get together for an evening of conspiratory inspiration and discussion of article marketing for their business sites. A conversation that at one time might have included whispered IM’s “girl talk” about who’s husband was the world’s worst cad, have evolved to business value discussions about how to market articles, a website, or better yet - how to create a new niche market and profitable business. The miles between the instigators of this article have never slowed down their friendship or business development and communications. AOL Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, and Communications Forums provide ample space for working through developmental stages to profitability.

Article Marketers with Expert Status on ezinearticles.com, these two focus their words to promote business and profitability. Professionalism becomes the talk of the moment as Laura McDonald of http://www.paralegalsecretary.com and Jan Verhoeff of http://brandyourmarket.com discuss what sells online and what doesn’t. Experience counts when marketing product and meeting the needs of online clients and associates. After several hours of pondering around the ezinearticles cabbage patch, the AIM Stork solution became an outline and the results were penned - delivered just in the nick of midnight.

1. High Interest Article Titles Evolve Into Marketable Ebooks

When an article title is viewed several hundred times, the article gets attention and scrutiny to determine serviceability in other ways. Can it be marketable as an ebook? If the title has viable content, the ebook is coined and outlined, although the title may change substantially - the basic idea is conceived.

These articles may or may not have been written by those reviewing the titles. The value in the titles may not be the actual title but the words and ideas they inspire.

2. Contrived Content Sparks The Giggles & Inspires

At midnight, almost anything can bring on a fit of giggles, even in 40-something professionals determined to behave appropriately. As titles are considered, they often get mangled into tear jerking fits of laughter and humorous antidotes noted for future reference. Oh the memories they create! And “Kick Butt Residual Income for Kick Ass Lawyers with Referral Marketing” may be the working title that sparks an idea. While it probably won’t hit the book store with the same title, the vision of Cowboy boots and a Long Horn Bull in a court room can breed contempt into any Judges’ Chambers and inspiration doesn’t have to be professional.

Amid the chatter and the giggles, serious content spawns viable value and ideas inspired for useful purpose.

3. Raw Clay Can Form a Pot

While most articles receive a cursory glance and flippant remarks, there are articles that collect into the stash as ‘Possible Content” and none are completely dismissed as impossible. The value in raw article content may be in a phrase of words, a quote, or an unusual idea - sparked into a flame, or the article itself may become the foundation for an ebook. Ah - the burning ember…

Any writer can create content that inspires an article, because the article may need only a spark to light up an entire forest. The article that inspires an ebook, usually has more substance. Perhaps a Title that rocks the world socially, or intrigues a business mind. An idea conceived for one topic might inspire a completely new direction, given a different field of interest.

4. Tips, Steps, & How To Plot a Resource

Tips to accomplish a task result in steps to make it work. How to accomplish any given task can be broken into specific parts, and the ebook tells the story in resource format.

The idea is driven home in the Introduction of an ebook, formatted into a concept for which motivation and solution is required. The tips and steps to take organize the outline of the book, and design the format, while building substantial value on the Introduction. The ending summary presents the final How To Example and a valuable addition to any library is born.

5. Ebook Delivery includes Viral Marketing and Value

With the creation of an ebook, link inclusion and viral marketing options as well as Value become an issue to consider. Will the book provide actual value to the reader, can you charge a good price for the book? Will the book bring readers back to your site for further information?

The purpose of writing your book should be as clear and concise as the copy that fills each page. Without purpose and value your book has no meaning and won’t sell.

Stamping your signature on the book tells people that you believe in the product you’re selling and gives them an indication of the value you placed in the content. Some ebooks provide excellent material for bringing people to the sign up list, and create a foundation of networking for building those first important steps of a relationship between you and your reader. These ebooks are just as important as the ones that come with a price tag. All should provide viable content with value for the reader, otherwise you’re wasting your time to write the book.

The creation of a concept is often fun and games, for most any writer, but the actual content is researched and proven through experience. All laughter and giggles aside, the value of an ebook should be evident.

Jan Verhoeff, creator of Advertize your Business presents optimal use of content, for articles, blogs, ebooks, and other sources of information distribution online. Visit her site at http://advertizeyourbusiness.com for more information about how to market and present your business online for profitability and value.


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