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For those of you who love to write historical fiction, this article may be useful for you to develop writing skills as well as to improve quality of your writing piece.

As we all know among people who are historical fiction writers that writing kind of this work requires a lot of time and massive effort as well as creativity to combine the historical fact with the story to make the perfect casting as well as endearing and dislikeable characters.

The benefit of writing historical fiction is the historical part is very easy to draw attention of the readers or audiences. This is because of most of historical fact already memorable for people in terms of the story itself as well as the characters in the story and they will easily understand what you are trying to present. However, even though the history is good and memorable for people, but if it is present poorly so it will generate unpleasant reading experience, which means the writer must spend a lot a lot of time to create story to make it reliable and realistic applied to all characters in the story as well as they have to specify length of the story do not too long or too short.

How to create effective piece of historical fiction writing work

You have to make sure that you write the true and accurate history. There might be some other people that know better than you about the fact of the history. Apart from that, the key point is you have to make them feel that they have been sent to the period of such a story. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to take a comprehensive study about time and period of the history as well as the fact and all the detail inside that story to make sure you have complete accuracy of it.

In fact, not only you have to know exactly about time sequence of the history but also you have to know about the place where the story actually happened and it’s surrounding. For example, if you are writing about political situation you will have to know the major and sometimes minor historical and political events of the country and the impact of the situation that effect to other country countries surrounding it. Then you have to find out how the people who live in that period about their attitude as well as their actual feeling about that situation.

But this is only half way through, you still have some more work to do. You may also have to take further study of pattern of languages that people used in that period as well as other element. You have to study about what kind of type of dressing they worn social and all detail of life style such as food, transportation entertainment, music style that they listen or even type of weapon that they used.

So this is only first step of how to create a quality and effective historical fiction, which is very easy to follow, then take further study how to improve your writing skill of historical story then you will become success.

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