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In addition to writing articles, the ability to write succinct and compelling business communications, ie. business letters and reports, is an absolute must in achieving credibility and commanding respect from those with whom you do business. Business letters account for over 90% of all interpersonal business communications. A poorly written business letter can cost you sales, leads, or contracts.

While similar in purpose and intent ie. (to inform; to motivate; to convince etc. ) article writing and business letter writing differ primarily insofar as audience is concerned.

Your article audience can be hundreds, thousands, even millions.

On the other hand, a business letter is aimed primarily at one or possibly several people( board of directors)etc.

The person receiving your business communication will definitely judge you in large part on the basis of your written communications skills. Whether you're applying for a job; bidding on a contract; or trying to make a sale

Your letter is in effect your personal representative or your “advance person" so to speak. It presents a non visual “picture" of what you are like. Your skills, abilities and mindset.

And as with a human representative, you want your “written rep" to present all the values and standards that you stand for. You want that “picture" to be sharp, clear and most of all positive.

Here are some points to keep in mind when writing your next business letter:

  • Your Greeting or Salutation
  • The Opening Sentence
  • The Opening Paragraph
  • The Body Of The Letter
  • The Concluding Paragraph Or Close
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
The Salutation:
  1. What do you know about the person?
  2. What is the persons title?
  3. Is the person male or female?
The Opening Sentence:

  1. This usually states the reason you're writing
The Body:
  1. Here you give the details of what you want to say

The Closing Paragraph

  1. Here you summarize succinctly what you said in the body
Last but not least always check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Despite what some internet marketers say, spelling, grammar and punctuation, are extremely important in interpersonal business communications.

Finally, after several proofreads, then and only then do you sign your name and you're done!

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