What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Writer


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The competition in the virtual world for a freelance writing position is fierce. Anyone placing an advertisement or posting a project on an auction site for freelance writing needs may be overwhelmed by response. From there, the individual has to choose one writer out of many. Selecting the wrong person means a waste of time and money, as well as having to go through the hiring process a second or perhaps even a third time. Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring a freelance writer.

Is the person professional? Does their bid or their communication appear businesslike and expert? An individual with a bubblegum-chewing, bouncy, young tone isn't someone you should to take care of your copywriting needs.

Has the person read your requirements and guidelines? Have they responded to each of your criteria? Individuals who slap up short, ‘Let's do it, ’ responses without taking the time to point out they answer your criteria aren't serious ones and they won't be serious about your business either.

Can the person write? Amazingly, many individuals who respond to freelance writing ads cannot write well. If you see terrible text full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors, don't even take a second glance. Move on to someone who has the skills you need.

Does the person seem interested in your project? Do they ask questions about the work involved or your business? Are they clear on what needs to be done?

Does the individual have experience? While everyone starts somewhere and new writers in the industry do need a break, be very careful that the person you choose knows what they're doing. Experience shows that the individual has written for others before and has an idea of what's involved in the task.

Has the person provided samples of their work pertinent to your project? Are the samples well done and nicely presented? Can you notice anything that sticks out as being sub-standard writing? Were you interested in reading the whole sample or did you move on after the first paragraph?

Can the writer provide references? Samples of their work are nice; references are even better. You can and should contact references to know more about how professional the writer is and whether the client would choose the individual for their needs again.

Is the writer familiar with your particular needs? Are they experienced with writing for websites and the internet? Do they know keyword and web content writing?

Does the person appear to have good ethics and morals about their profession? Interestingly enough, some individuals are quite boastful of the less than desirable methods they do their job, such as rewriting text from other authors or copying and pasting chunks of someone else's work. Avoid encouraging plagiarism and copyright infringement by passing these individuals over.

Does the writer appear overeager or willing to take anything on at any compensation? A professional freelance writer has respect for his or her talents and skills, and generally knows where to draw the line. Individuals falling all over themselves for any kind of work at all at any rate of pay aren't the best choice for your needs.

Is the individual willing to take on a small trial task? Samples give an idea of the individual's talents, but keep in mind that samples are also documents edited thousands of times to present the writer in the best light possible. Some individuals, when put to the real test, don't pass.

Does the write respect you? Does the person respect your ideas, suggestions, and wishes? Is he or she willing to work with you to do the best job possible? If you feel talked down to, condescended to, or that your voice isn't being heard, select another writer. You should feel happy and enjoy the business relationship.

Once you do make your choice on which freelance writer to try out, remember that you aren't married for life. If the writer you chose ends up not being one you're happy with or his or her services are lacking in any area, end the relationship. While you may have to go through the hiring process again, finding a freelance writer that you're satisfied and happy with is important.

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