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Types of Admission Essays


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An admission essay is written to demonstrate the applicant's reasons to apply for some course, educational establishment or position. The primary advantage of an admission essay lies in its capability to represent the writer in the face of an evaluator in a lively and original manner. In some cases, an admission essay may determine whether an applicant is admitted or not, as an admission essay demonstrates an applicant's writing skills and general educational background.

There are two types of admission essays: specific and general specific admission essays provide a topic about which to write. General admission essays give the writer/student the opportunity to select a topic about which to write. The ability to demonstrate one's personal uniqueness, creativity and originality is decisive for a successful application. In other cases, admission essay is an effective way to supplement an application providing the evaluator with specific details. The preliminary stage includes the thorough collection and systemization of available personal data.

An admission essay should describe all personal achievements, awards and activities during the last five years. An applicant should pick out 10 major achievements of his life and try to emphasize the most appropriate ones in the essay. Further, it is necessary to intensify the shaping image of a unique personality by introducing the hobbies, interests, events and personalities that influenced the applicant's individuality or motivated him for crucial decisions. It is normal to describe ordinary people (friends, family, teachers, etc. ) who have influenced or shaped the applicant's character.

The applicant may tell what other people tell about him and give his personal assessment of these judgments. It is useful to start or finalize the essay by including some expression, positioning it as a personal motto and stating the personal prospects for the future using this motto. The writer should avoid the “events chronicle" and describe more of experience taken from the event rather than the event itself. The writer should remember about the audience and be persuasive in every sentence.

An admission essay should be viewed as an “advertisement": the student attempts to draw attention to him in a creative way, so that to prove that he deserves being accepted to the educational institution. An overall positive tone is crucial as it is poorly advantageous to complain about the personal misfortunes or disadvantages. The writer should strive to indicate the positive sides in every experience or at least concentrate on its outcomes. Specificities of the institution should be considered and linked to the applicant's motivation and personal characteristics. It is equally important to disclose the personal skills and attainment relevant to peculiarities of the claimed position.

It is important to demonstrate the applicant's motivation: why is he interested, what mutual benefits does he conceive and so on. In case there is some specific topic of an admission essay (e. g. : how would your relative describe you?, predict the development of some event, etc. ), it is necessary to build the essay around the requested topic. The writer should be selective and prioritize the primary ideas as it is impossible and unnecessary to include all details about one's personal life into an admission essay. It is crucial to follow the format and volume requirements.

The writer should proofread the final version thoroughly diminishing the possible misuses of words or phrases.

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