10 Tips Regarding Choice of Words for Business Writing


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The main function of the business writing is to convey your message or thoughts effectively to the reader. In business communication, the receiver of the message should be able to understand your message immediately, and this can be possible only when you write your message with simple and familiar words. Following tips can assist you in choosing the right words for clear and effective business writing.

Use familiar words:
Use of familiar words is the most important rule of word selection in business writing. Always use common and familiar words of everyday use to make your message easily readable and understandable.

Use concrete words:
Use concrete words instead of abstract words in your business writing. Concrete words such as bank, chair, telephone forms clear and sharp images in our mind as opposed to abstract words such as performance, inconsistency, which creates vague and fuzzy meanings.

Use single words in place of circumlocution:
Avoid circumlocution or use of more words in a sentence than required to express the purpose in business writing.

Avoid long sentences:
Avoid use of long sentences having many clauses. Sometimes the reader loses the beginning by the time he comes to the end of the sentence.

Use technical words with care:
Every profession develops its own special vocabulary or technical words. The members of that professional group can easily understand these technical words. But, if you use these technical jargons in your business communication to an outsider, it will sound like a foreign language to him.

Avoid use of difficult words:
Use English words that are easy to use and understand instead of difficult and high-sounding words. Make your business writing more effective with simple and direct word, and avoid any possibility of misinterpretation of your words by the reader.

Use strong and power words:
Use of strong words or power words makes your business writing more forceful. Strong words not only drive your sentences forward but also arouse the interest of the reader.

Use active verbs:
Active verbs make your business writing direct, clearer, more informative and easier to understand.

Avoid use of camouflaged verbs:
Camouflaged verbs are verbs that are unnecessarily changed to nouns. Avoid camouflaged verbs and strengthen your business writing.

Use correct idioms and phrases:
Be careful in the choice of idioms and phrases while writing business communication.

Use writing software: Use business writing softwares with grammar checker and text enrichment tool for writing effective business communications. Text enrichment tool enriches text and enhances simple sentence to professional one.

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