Being Polite in Writing


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Politeness is of one most important qualities when we are talking about living in society and interacting with different people. Politeness is showing your level of personal development and shows your respect to the person you are interacting with. As a result of that writing in a polite manner gives a major plus when you’re addressing anybody by a letter, e-mail or other sorts of correspondence.

There were special systems of addressing in writing to show your politeness, for example in the end of a letter using word combinations like “Sincerely/ Looking forward to hear back from you/ Truly yours/ Looking forward to serve you” or in the beginning combinations like “Sir/Madam” etc. When a person receives a letter with “marks” like that he/she understands that you are taking him/her seriously and respecting his/her personality. Also being polite in writing means avoidance of the usage of words and word combinations that might seem rude. If you are addressing a person whom you don’t know do not try to be friendly right away using combinations like “What’s up?!” etc.

Another aspect of politeness in writing is spelling and being grammatically correct. Your relation to these matters might hint the receiver about your personality and about your personal relation to him/her. If you are spelling words incorrectly and misusing words or anything like that it will seem that you are not really taking what you are doing seriously and correspondently not taking the receiver seriously. He will do the same thing to you. And of course it’s a lot easier and more pleasant to just read a grammatically correct letter, e-mail etc.

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