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Billions of people open their eyes and rise every morning to engage the labyrinth of life that they have often unconsciously crafted and move through till at days end they return to their beds, close their eyes and sleep once more. Life unfolds this way for most engaged in work, family and observing the static world around them. Moments that break this silent, snail like circular march occur when an original thought breaks these barriers to change and in a moment unfolds. Faces of friends appear different somehow as does the sky at dusk that is finally noticed as more relevant to life experience than reading one’s e-mail inbox. The former likely provides greater inspiration to feed the little thought of originality that mysteriously appeared in one’s day.

Commuting through cities I have noticed the sky is falling all around us as I wait for the traffic signal to change and turn off my air vents so as not to accentuate the odor of toxic chemicals moving into my breathing space. Faces of drivers in cars around me seem oblivious to what I have noticed or perhaps they have just accepted this as the normal state of affairs. I stopped reading the paper long ago because I began to withdraw from my own circular march that ended at the same point where it began; without meaningful progress. Most I read in the news represented a static world where problems are identified and highlighted creating anxiety but no editorials of brilliant thought shone through the facts that would give hope to the readers consuming their daily dose of news. I had begun to insist on elongating my own moments of unique contemplations because I grew bored living a curved predictability. I began to awaken a child like explorer within that questioned everything and wanted to grow up more meaningfully productive than my former self. Years passed that through my feeding of this new mind that I will term the divine intelligence within, many innovative ideas came forth from my being that changed the nature of my work and every aspect of my life.

Exploration of consciousness afforded me personal experiences that some would term supernatural but to me are a normal expansion of mind and spirit in daily life. I decided to craft the fruits of my journey into a story that would honor quiet, genius mind alive in pockets of simple people who embrace their individuality and creativity. I had met a few who knew what I know; that the mirror of reality all around us is our mind and what we think. This in turn affects the world around us that can be an astoundingly powerful force of change upon a static reality of Earth’s problems if everyone knows the power of a greater mind. Progressive studies conducted by scientists in the way that the quantum field is engaged by the observer have already proven this.

Solutions to a looming energy crisis are being born in the minds of a handful of scientists with ideas that often surpass current progress of their own area of science. This has made it difficult for them to have their concepts accepted by their peers and to raise funds that would allow beneficial, technological innovations to move forward. Unfortunately the ‘closed circuit’ march has affected every area of our society including influential groups of people that make important decisions affecting everyone. In order to support change and the flow of new mind that can successfully improve life on our planet each person embracing his own moments of individual creativity is necessary. That would serve to change the model of our society from consuming what has already been accomplished to supporting a creative drive within everyone that adds genius and diversity to goods, services, political platforms, education and virtually all areas of life.

I have had the privilege as provided by the divine intelligence within me to remotely view a timeline where this has already occurred. The story you are about to read is a fictitious rendering of what I have seen and some of the phenomenon within the following pages I have personally experienced. Anything is possible within the quantum field of potentials and all have inherited the right to consciously create from it. As a collective, whatever our mind is on the most will ultimately become reflected in the way life unfolds on our planet. Each person has the opportunity to remember how influential his voice is when it breaks out in the song of personal expression applied to creating a meaningful destiny that is not determined by the stars.

A cast of eclectic characters awaits to take you on a journey into the future where time is not linear and the movement of spirit ascends within all to the drum beat of hearts that never relinquish freedom.


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