How To Prosper As An Article Writer When English Isn't Your Mother Tongue

Soren Breiting

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Do you fight with the English language when you write articles for your website or articles for free reprint distribution because English isn’t your mother tongue? Learn to turn your bilingual capacity into a stronghold for easy production of high quality articles to enhance your article submission.

The English language is at present the dominating language of the Internet internationally. Many of us who have another language than English as our mother tongue struggle to write our texts for articles and web pages in proper English.

In the following I will take the production of high quality articles for free reprint and distribution as an example of how to turn this disadvantage into an advantage for prolific writing and article submission.

The advantage of producing an article in two languages

The first point to make is to emphasize the advantage of being able to produce the same article in two languages. This might seem obvious but in reality most bilingual authors aren’t making full use of this advantage.

The reason might be due to an underestimation of the value of websites or articles in your mother tongue language - may be with reference to a much smaller population than the population of English speaking people in the world. But! - take into account that the competition among English websites is the toughest in the world.

A webpage in English with your article might do very poor in the search engines and get only very few visitors, while the same text in your mother tongue at a national website might rank in the top of the search engines and receive many visitors despite the much smaller population speaking that language.

Find the most efficient way for writing your articles

Is it easier for you to start writing the article in your mother tongue and than make a free translation into English or the other way around?

You might find that writing an article about something that you know extremely well is best written in English and then made with an easy translation and elaboration into your own language – instead of the other way round. You will have free hands to make each language version of the article unique. In fact you are free to turn your one English article into three versions of your mother tongue.

Bear in mind that the keywords and key sentences you use should be selected with care targeting keywords and sentences people are searching for in the search engines. You cannot be sure that a simple translation from the one language to the other will provide you with the most fruitful keywords.

When you search for background material for your articles you will have access to some sources that aren’t available in English. Make use of this advantage without violating any copyright laws.

Upload your English articles to and find more article directories at

Take these tips into account and you will for sure improve your productivity as an article writer resulting in many more article submissions.

Soren Breiting is a Dane with his articles well distributed on the web in English as well as in Danish. You will find some of his English language articles at and some of his Danish articles at


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