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In my previous article I talked about how to write a compelling Author Bio. In this article I%u2019ll talk about where to submit your articles for the best results.

Where to Submit Your Articles

There are literally hundreds of Article Directory Sites out there but I am going to concentrate on the two I use most.

Ezine Articles

EzineArticles.com is the premier and most important Article Directory. Now that%u2019s not just what I think, it%u2019s what Google thinks and that%u2019s the most important thing. Google regard Ezine as an authority site and crawl it very regularly.

A properly targeted and optimised Ezine article is still one of the best ways to get on the front page of Google. They can be displayed in as little as two days and will hold their position in the natural search listings against just about anything.

So why does Google love Ezine so much? The reason is simple, every article submitted is reviewed by a real human being before being published. These reviewers are tough but fair and they do NOT allow merchant links of any kind or duplicate or poor content.

You must write good quality articles for Ezine. If you do you will be given %u2018Expert%u2019 status. (You can get this with your very first article. ) Once you have written 10 %u2018expert%u2019 articles you can then apply for %u2018Platinum%u2019 status.

Platinum status has real value not just kudos.

Platinum level authors receive priority treatment and once you have that under your belt you can submit any article on any topic and it will be reviewed within 24 hours.

Until you get platinum Status you may have to wait several days for an article to be approved. Don%u2019t let that put you off from starting with Ezine. Keep going until you get upgraded. It%u2019s well worth it.

Some Tips for Ezine

1. Do not bombard them with loads of articles at once. They will think you are spamming.

2. However they absolutely love Article Series and encourage you to write them.

3. Maintain the highest quality with your articles at all times. Even when you get to platinum level.

4. Only use original content.

5. Don%u2019t even attempt to sneak in links to your merchant. Only link back to your blog or website.

6. Don%u2019t write salesy type articles, promoting either yourself or a product

7. Don%u2019t make mistakes! Check and double check your article prior to submission or you go back through the approval process again if you make even the slightest change later on.

Go Articles

1. GoArticles.com does not have the same authority as Ezine but it does have a number of uses.

2. You can add merchant links to your articles but don%u2019t over do it.

3. You can do product reviews

4. The approval process is automated and instantaneous. But you won%u2019t see your article displayed for 24 hours.

Some general points on submitted Articles

Once submitted your article becomes public property but you own the copyright. Anyone can take your article as it is and place it on their own website or blog. But they must retain you bio (and links) and credit you as the author.

In Ezine, you are given stats on how many times your article has been published in this way but not who by. Getting you articles published in this way is great%u2026your message and links are spreading.

Does article theft go on? Yes, I%u2019m afraid so. If you find one of your articles on another blog or website check to see that you have been credited correctly and your links are intact. If so fine%u2026if not contact the website owner and ask them to remove your article. If they do not, you can report them to Ezine (if it was an Ezine article) and Google. Don%u2019t get massively hung about this%u2026

So, to sum up, I use Ezine articles as my main directory and Go Articles for product reviews and promotion.

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