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In my previous article I talked about why article marketing is effective. In this article I’m going to show you how to optimize an article to get the highest listing possible in the search engine results.

Target the Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing is best achieved by targeting long tail keywords.

So, if our broad topic is ‘sausages’.
A sub niche would be ‘make sausages’ (or ‘cook sausages’)
A sub niche of that would be ‘make beef sausages’
A sub niche of that would be ‘make german beef sausages’

And a good long tail keyword would be ‘how to make german beef sausages’”

Have a look at some examples in Google:-

We’ll use the example “potty training”. So, if you type exactly that in Google. And I do mean with the quotes. That will give us all the results in Google that have been optimised for that term. I can’t show you the results here but a search on potty training gives us 1,370,000 results. Which is too competitive.

Let’s try “potty training your baby” and the results for that are only 505 results! That’s much better.

Now, I can practically guarantee that if you optimise your article around the phrase “potty training your baby” you will get listed on the front page of Google for that phrase. (You could even make the first page for the broader phrase “potty training” as well. )

Before we look at article optimisation let’s have a quick look at the other side of the equation. Those are the search results…but how many searches are made on particular phrases.

Search Results

There are loads and loads of tools you can buy for this but I still use Yahoo’s free Overture keyword search tool. The results for potty training:- 23785 searches in Yahoo on ‘potty training’ and 514 searches in Yahoo on ‘potty training your baby’.

As a general rule of thumb you can estimate that the number of searches on just about any phrase in Google, will be ten times that of Yahoo!

So, rather than optimising your article around broad keyword phrases like ‘potty training’, where it is harder to get on the first page, we optimize around the more targeted phrases like ‘potty training your baby’. Less searches but far easier to get on the first page. AND there are loads more phrases we can target! So, if we write several articles on more targeted phrases, we can still generate a high number of searches…

Optimizing Your Articles

The most important element of optimization for your article is the title. You must include your long tail keyword in the Article Title.

That is very easy to do in our example. Simply title your article. “Potty Training Your Baby” or better still “Potty Training Your Baby – Five Easy Steps”. (People love tips – so remember this one!)

Next, include your long tail keyword in the introduction of your article, in the conclusion and in your Author Bio. You can also include it once or twice in the body of the article but don’t overdo it and don’t ‘force’ your keyword in. The article must read naturally.

And that’s it! If you follow my simple strategy on how to optimize your article you should be able to get good rankings in the search engine results and more traffic to your sites.

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