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Writing 101 - Writing the Keyword Article for the Internet

John T Jones, Ph.D.

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Many of us write for the Internet. That is we submit articles to services like and they make them available to surfers on the Internet. For example, this article is on writing, so if you put “how to write” in your search box, you will come up with this article and many more like it.

What, it didn’t come up? Darn!

To see the effectiveness of Internet article writing go to and put “Taylor Jones the Hack Writer” in the search box. This is the site of the Internet’s Business Search Engine and Directory. You will see that there are about 15,400 articles referenced on that site. I sometimes use Taylor Jones the Hack Writer in articles where I don't want folks, like the editors of editors, to take me seriously.

Now do the very same thing for “John T. Jones, Ph. D. ” Now you will see that there are over 431,700 articles referenced. You will see that I write over a broad subject range. If you want to improve your marketing techniques or if you want to learn how to make dumplings, you will find it there.

This high Internet presence is why writers write for the Internet. If you look at the bottom of this article you will see a profile for John T. Jones, Ph. D. There is at least one website listed. My main site is There you can buy one of my novels, read a novelette that I wrote to demonstrate novel writing software, or go to one of my sites to buy a flagpole. In other words, some traffic is generated from writing for the Internet.

I’ve written over 400 articles for Some articles are much more popular than others. Right now, the hits on an article I wrote about Anna Nicole Smith exceed those of other articles I wrote earlier than the Anna Nicole article. The reason is that Anna Nicole Smith has recently been a huge search item. There are almost 2,000,000 articles on the subject at and over 12,000,000 pages at

When you write an article for the Internet and put it up as a page on your server, you can add keywords in the meta file. You can also do that for the same article submitted through a service such as

Which article version will get the most hits?

The one submitted to the article service because they have a tremendous number of hits each day, they promote your article, and Google loves them. So unless you have many visitors to your site, you will do much better by submitting to an article service.


I don’t often write an article because of a popular keyword. I wrote the article about blonds who have died because I feel for these young people who have a desire for fame and then are killed or die tragically. I wrote, that like Marilyn Monroe, the scene would soon turn to murder for Anna Nicole, not that she was murdered but some more important reason must be the “real” cause of death.

If you are listening to the idiots on the news channels, you can see that is already happening. They could care less about Anna Nicole Smith. She was just a spark that passed by. They just want the “murder” story no matter who gets hurt.

So far, it has escalated to “possible criminal negligence" because Anna would not go to the hospital because of the media attention she would receive. “Nobody” forced her to go, so she died. Whoever that “nobody” was is “possibly guilty of criminal negligence” because the media says so.

That is why the choice of keywords is so important if you want article popularity. Today, if you wrote an article on Anna Nicole Smith and placed her name in the title of the article, in the content of the article, and the keyword entry, you would get a lot of readers.

I wrote an article about why David Letterman wears white socks. I think I called it Top Ten Reason David Letterman Wears White Socks.

David Letterman is a popular (but strange) man and the keyword “David Letterman” is very popular. If you put “David Letterman” in your Google search box, you will see over two million articles. “Jay Leno” brings almost that many. I have written a few articles giving new jokes to Leno.

I’m not particularly interested in article popularity per se. It give me a bigger thrill when some kind soul gives me 5 stars for an article. Then I know I gave that reader enjoyment (or hit a nerve) which is my main goal. If I write an article on an engineering or scientific subject I know that it will not have the popularity of an article on how to make enchiladas. But that is OK. Writers write, right?

I write for children and teens quite often. My articles are sometimes entitled UFO: Subject. I write about my imaginary and alien friends such as the sprite Xrytspet and Phontos the Last Chican—who is Big Foot to you. These articles turn out to be popular with adults who are just kids that have grown up. I know the kids will not go to my site and order a novel or flagpole. That is not why I’m writing.

If you put “UFO: Phontos the Last Chican” in Google, you will get 48 entries. If you put only “Phontos the Last Chican” in Google you will get 525 entries. You will see that some of these sources are references right to the article of that title but others will be to sites that have copied my article to their publication legally.

That brings up an important point. Over 5,000 publishers have reviewed my some 400 articles. Some of these have republished article in their ezines or on their web pages. When you write for an article service, you get a tremendous additional exposure bonus. Almost 200,000 folks have reviewed my articles directly. I don’t know how many have read the articles in ezines or on other web pages—but the number is significant.

You also will see is your search that some have stolen my title so that you will go to their irrelevant web page. I guess I could tell Google about this and get them de-listed, but who has time for that?

If you want to know where your article is copied, just put the title of the article in the Google search bar and you will see which web pages have copied it. You still will not know which ezines picked it up.

How to Find Keyword Popularity

I get an email once a week or so that gives me a list of the most popular current keywords. You can get the same list at (Word Tracker) by just signing up for the free Keyword Expert Newsletter. While you are there, take a tour of the site to see how keyword statistics are generated.

If you put the keywords “Most Popular Keywords’ in the Google Search box you will get almost 40 million entries. That is because this is a very important subject to internet users, especially the sellers. If you can find popular keywords not yet discovered by others, you can generate significant traffic to your site.

Last October, Anna Nicole Smith was Number 152 on the Word Tracker list. In December, she was not in the top 300. On February 20, 2007, she was Number 1. (She had died on February 8, 2007. ) Today, Anna Nicole Smith is Number 49. That is still a very high popularity. When will she leave the top 300? That depends on the media.

Blogging and Pinging

When you write or update an article, you should put it on your blog. Set up your free blog site at or such service. Go to the actual URL for your article and put that URL in your blog as the reference URL.

Just putting the article blog on your blog site is not enough. Go to one of the free pinging services such as and ping your blog to the world. Enter the title of the article and the URL of your blog. You can ping an article more than once.

You will be famous writer yet!

The End

John T. Jones, Ph. D. (, a retired VP of R&D for Lenox China, is author of detective & western novels, nonfiction (business, scientific, engineering, humor), poetry, etc. Former editor of Ceramic Industry Magazine. He is Executive Representative of IWS sellers of Tyler Hicks wealth-success books and kits. He also sells TopFlight flagpoles. He calls himself “Taylor Jones, the hack writer. "

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