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Do you want your articles to grab the reader's attention?

Internet surfers don't read, they scan.

In fact, researchers have discovered that once a surfer clicks on a page, you only have about 3 seconds (yes seconds) to get their attention before they click away.

Your headline has to create interest in a hurry.

A good article headline must include the following.

  • your keyword or keyword phrase
  • Either a question or a statement that gets them interested
  • The human brain loves to learn and gets excited when it's asked a question.

    Think about that for a moment.

    When you see a question like “do you want your articles to grab the reader's attention?" your brain says yes and it wants to know more, to know how.

    Write articles with headlines that promise your reader will “learn how" to do something or that your reader will “discover" something or your reader will become “successful" at something.

    Remember, the Internet is all about content. People use the Internet to learn, to discover and to be social.

    If you write articles that start off with lazy, so-what headlines, your article isn't going to attract attention and will not be read. So you have to put some quality time into learning how to write articles with headlines that command attention.

    Here are a few examples of some headlines I've written for my articles.

  • Want To Supercharge Your Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas?
  • Everyone's Playing Cake Mania - Don't Be Left Out
  • You Can Increase Your Web Site Traffic Now

  • Disney Movie Club - Remember Your Favorites?
  • Turn Something You Enjoy Into Your Success
  • Notice the use of words and phrases that have a strong impact?

    You, success, you can, don't be left out, remember your favorites.

    Now before you rush off to start writing articles with headlines that use words like “amazing", “secrets revealed" and “incredible" think about the over-used big-wow hype words and phrases that you've seen used all too often.

    Is your article going to deliver on words like amazing, secrets revealed or incredible? Or will your headline promise the moon but deliver very little?

    Your headline must get the readers attention, but your article has to deliver what your headline promises.

    If your articles fail to deliver, you will quickly become known as an author whose article headlines are full of sizzle but there is no steak in your articles.

    What you really ant is to be regarded as an expert in your field so that readers will read your article all the way through and click on that link in your author bio box.

    Learn to write and re-write your headlines until you develop headlines that include your keyword or keyword phrase, ask a strong question or make a strong statement.

    Practice writing.

    Writers write. Others just talk about writing.

    Your headline has to create interest in a big hurry. So write articles with strong headlines and your articles will get readers.

    Have Fun

    Mike Dougherty “Grandpa Mike" writes articles on a variety of topics and has a free article distribution web site. For more information visit http://article-express.com


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