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Writing drama stories can be difficult at times. There are days, even weeks, when our lives are mundane or down right boring. Not a spot of drama to be found. It can really put a crimp in your writing flow.

Yet, drama is all around us. It is at the grocery store, the park and even in our own homes. It is in our spouses, children and the strange lady who lives next door. It is hiding just beneath the surface, waiting to spring out and grab us.

All you have to do is look for it.

I get some of my best inspirations by going to the grocery store. Yes, you heard me, the grocery store. Just last week, I overheard a woman on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend. From the sound of her end of the conversation, he wanted to date other people while dating her. But he didn't seem to want her to have the same privilege. My mind whirled with possibilities. What if my character had that conversation with her boyfriend? What would she do? Would she cry, move out, or go straight to the pest control aisle and grab the largest bottle of ant killer she could find?

Now, that is drama!

Or when I went to get my teeth cleaned and overheard the receptionist talking to another employee about an accident she saw on the way into work. Her description of the event was wonderful. I could picture the two cars colliding, even hear the metal crunch. I thought about what would happen if two characters were fighting over something trivial while driving to a party. And one of them was seriously injured or killed during the accident. How would the survivor deal with the guilt of knowing such a stupid fight was partially responsible for their crash? Would it send them into a tailspin of overindulgence or turn them towards a more enlightened path?

More drama!

Drama is not just action. It can be subtle and sneak up on you. Like the father and his young son I saw this morning at the coffee shop. It was obvious the father did not spend a lot of time with his son; he was very nervous, watching every move his son made. They sat at the next table and were talking about how Mommy was busy at the moment and they would see her soon. When they finished eating, they walked a few doors down to a doctor's office where the Mom worked. While the child played inside the office, Mom and Dad had a quiet but obviously heated discussion about something. Their body language told more about their problem than their words could ever express. By the time I finished my coffee and muffin, they had worked it out and the three of them left. But they got my mind working. What if the parents could not get the problem solved, where would they go from there? Would they separate, divorce, or take more drastic measures?

As you can see, real life holds more drama than any book, movie and television show. And it is real drama, straight from the heart. So go out and watch some drama today. Who knows, you might find that elusive scene you have been looking for.

Dawn Arkin is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Writers . Her portfolio can be found at http://darkin.Writing.Com/ so stop by and read for a while.


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