What Motivates You to Write Articles for Article Marketing?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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During the last almost two years, I have been using article marketing as one of my primary marketing strategies and tactics within my strategic plan. (NOTE: Using article submission sites is a strategy while writing the article is a tactic. )

This strategy has proven to be quite successful because as I have increased the total articles submitted, the traffic to my site has also increased. Additionally searches on Google for my name continue to increase from its earliest day of a paltry 70 to over 40,000.

Since I am the writer for all of my articles, keeping myself motivated is sometimes difficult. As a business coach, I have clients to meet with, business networking functions to attend and just the general day to day living activities that must be finished. So, where does the motivation come from for me to continue to stroke the ivory of the piano so to speak?

One of the simplest motivators is to look at the EzineArticles website. By clicking on the button Expert Authors, you can quickly view the number of articles by author. On the first page, all authors have 300 or more articles. Given the site in early March of 2007 has over 46,669 authors, by staying on the first page, I am in the top 99 percentile. When I look at this list, I view myself climbing an 11,000 plus steps pyramid with each step being another author that I have passed. Visualization is a great internal motivator.

Another motivator is within each author's area at EzineArticles.com. Beneath the Author Tools button, writers can locate their “View My Author Reports. " Here they can learn their ranking per category. By clicking on each category, the will see how many articles that they have written per that category. For example, under Self-Improvement, I have submitted 34 articles on coaching of a total of 601 articles and I have earned the rank of number one. This helps me keep my high rankings on Google as “business coach Indianapolis" and “business coach Chicago. " Additionally, I can learn from these statistics in what topic I may wish to submit my next article to improve my ranking.

As this is a marketing strategy, I have also set a specific marketing goal to write one article a day so by the end of 2007, I will have over 600 articles. What I have noticed is that there are specific tipping points within this strategy. The first one was 100 articles, the next one was 250 articles and I believe 500 articles will be the next significant fulcrum. As more and more enterprising individuals discover this strategy to generate traffic to their websites, my sense is that these benchmarks will increase. At that future time, 250 articles will potentially generate the same amount of traffic that 100 articles produced 2 years ago.

Motivation must come from within. However, it doesn't hurt to set extrinsic benchmarks much like buoys bobbing in the harbor to keep you focused and keep you submitting those articles

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M. S. is a business coach and executive coach with offices in Indianapolis and near Chicago. She writes, speaks and coaches people in businesses to quickly double or triple results through the creation of an executable strategic plan along with the necessary leadership skills “to pull it off. "

One quick question, if you could secure one new client or breakthrough that one roadblock holding you back from success, what would that mean to you? Then, take a risk and give me, Leanne, a call at 219.759.5601 to experience incredible results.

Visit http://www.processspecialist.com/ and explore everything from free articles to connecting with Leanne.


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