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Article writers suffer from a common problem most of the time, and that is ‘writers’ block. For article writers who produce more than ten articles per day, it becomes very difficult to come up with new topics all the time. That too, those topics should be in demand by the readers. Writing an article on just about any topic makes no sense.

This problem can be solved if the writer knows how to use tools available on the Internet to search keywords that need to be written on. There are free resources on the internet that can be used to search keywords as well as to find out whether writing articles on those keywords would be worthwhile or not.

Among the best tools to use for searching available keywords is Overture. It can be accessed at inventory. At this link, you can fill in a potential keyword into the search bar and wait for the results to show up. When the search results come up, you will be able to see a list of keywords related to the one you had typed in. Along with that, there will be a mention of the number of times that keyword was searched in the last one month. This will give you an idea how popular a particular keyword is.

Now that you have got a list of the keywords you can use for an article, the time has come to see how viable (i. e. profitable) writing on that keyword will be for you. For this purpose, we make use of a search engine like Google. Start from the top of the list in the Overture results. Type that keyword in the Google search bar. Check out how many articles on the keyword have already been written. If there are quite a few of them, click each one of them open. See how many ads each article has got. If the already written articles have not got a good number of ads, then the demand is still fresh. You could write about that keyword and get some ads.

They key to this entire strategy is to search keyword with a high demand and a low supply. You write an article on that keyword, and hence increase the supply. In any case, it is a popular keyword. So you will get food traffic for your website.

Once you have decided on the keyword you are going to write upon, the next step is to blend the keyword intelligently within your article. This has to be very cleverly done, because of the following reasons:

§ If the keyword is used very few times, then it will not show up in the search results. This will not help your Internet traffic one bit.

§ If the keyword is used many times, then it will be red-flagged by the search engines as keyword spam. Again then, it would not show up in the search results.

Hence the keyword is to be used an optimal number of times. Ideally, a keyword density of about 3 to 5% is considered good with respect to search results. The keyword density is calculated by dividing the total number of times the keyword appears to the total number of words in the article.

It should be borne in mind that in no way must the keyword jut out from the article. Of course, it can be used in the article a number of times, but that must be done subtly and intelligently. After using the keyword, read the sentence again to see if it goes with the correct narrative flow of the article.

One very good place to use the keyword is the title of the article itself. Make the keyword the first few words of the title. This will increase the chances of it appearing in the search results. Likewise, mention the keyword one or two times in the opening paragraph itself.

Thus, article writing is not just about writing but also searching for potential keywords and new topics to write on. However, this is just a sign of the dynamic nature of the world of the Internet. Even article writers have to go with the flow.

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