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Articles that are written for websites have a specific purpose – to promote the websites and the products they are selling. In that respect, articles written for the Internet are just tools of advertisement, howsoever much informative they may be. The end purpose of the articles is only to generate business. For this purpose, it is extremely necessary that the writer of the article must keep the article focused and not dawdle from the point he or she is trying to make.

First and foremost, let us understand the mechanism of this process. It is actually quite simple to understand. You have a website that is selling something. You want to promote that website. So what do you do? Simple! You write content for the website or rather, you hire ghost writers from all over the world to write content for your website. The articles are based on some keywords, which are repeated several times in the article. The keywords are cleverly selected – they are the very same words that people use to search information on popular search engines like Google, Ask, Altavista, Dogpile, etc. So, the next time someone types that keyword, chances are that your article would surface in the search results. People would click on the link and get directed to your website. You get traffic, and possibly, some business also!

Hence, articles written for websites need to be much different from articles written for magazines and journals. For one thing, the article must speak indirectly about the product promoted by the website. Let us consider an example. If your website is selling vacation packages, then you could write articles about snorkeling destinations in different parts of the world. You could use keywords like ‘snorkeling in Bahamas’, ‘snorkeling in Florida’ etc. Whenever someone searches these keywords, your articles will come up.

Now if you want to really make profit from this entire procedure, it is but obvious that your article should be impressive enough. The potential buyer will make a large part of his or her decision based on the kind of articles that are present on your website. Your article must tell something to the readers that they have not read before. There should be enough evidence in your article that you know about what you are talking. If the article comes across as half-baked, then it would be a very demeaning factor for the services that are provided on your website.

Take care when writing your article for promotion. Be sure to keep the article on track. Putting in vague points and shooting off-tangent in your article does not help your purpose. Before you begin to write your article, have a good mental picture as to what all points will be included in that article. Make a mental summary of the entire article before you start writing. Once the thought process begins, do not dawdle or stray away from the point you are making. You might give an example to illustrate your point, but make it short and snappy, or it will deduct from the overall impact of your article.

Articles written for websites have a stipulated word count within which to write all you want to be said. Going beyond the word count is very disadvantageous, as the Internet user does not have enough patience to read such long articles. Even if the visitor reads your long article, he or she would want to come out of your website and would not spend time looking at the products and services it has to offer. So, keep your article short – ideally between 400 and 600 words – and make whatever point you want to make within that word count.

It is for this reason it is said that you require a different set of talents to write on the Internet. People who write for websites are aiming at generating business, and not for obtaining creative satisfaction. There is a business goal to realize, which could be a set number of visitors or sales per month. This can be achieved by keeping the articles concentrated in a unidirectional focus and not on loitering far from the point.

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