Fear Of Public Speaking: How To Conquer It With Preparation


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Fear of public speaking affects some speakers more than others, but regardless of the level of experience a person has had, thorough preparation can have a massive impact on reducing the anxiety level.

To see how let us first analyze what we mean by thorough preparation.

What Is Preparation?

Gathering together a bunch of material and arranging it in logical order? Much more than that.

For a presentation to be truly effective, your preparation should involve real digging for gems of knowledge or instruction that have an affect on you.

Then you apply your own mind in assembling and arranging these key thoughts and coming to conclusions and convictions you can impart to your audience. With that kind of preparation your presentation will be memorable.

Quality Information

Research and gather quality information to include in your presentation that makes you excited and eager to share. If you feel that way about what you are going to say you can be sure your enthusiasm will rub off on the audience.

So learn how to use the internet as a main research tool. This means more than just popping a few words and phrases into Google and checking the first results page.

Learn how to REALLY search the internet. There are certain little known tips and techniques you can use to quickly unearth a wealth of fascinating, fresh, interest-capturing information that will have your audience riveted and shrink your fear of public speaking.

Check out this free tutorial and become an internet POWERUSER:

Preparation & Brooding

Don't rush preparation. Learn to brood over your subject.

True, a speech can be hastily prepared in an emergency, but if you have a date to work towards, look at the subject early and give the thinking processes time to meditate and dream. Sleep on it.

As the days go by thoughts will come into your head related to the subject. Ideas, illustrations, suggestions, may come to you at odd times. Note them down.

Just plant the seed, the main subject in your head early on, and allow that amazing thought factory, your brain, do its work.

Extraordinary Facts

When gathering material keep on the watch for extraordinary facts about ordinary things. This kind of information adds spice and interest to your presentation.

It also has an effect upon you the speaker making you eager to want to present the information because you know the effect it will have on the audience thus overpowering any fear of public speaking.

Create A Reservoir

Collect far more information than you intend to use when preparing a presentation. Then, when you have this great reservoir of facts and knowledge in front of you, you can start to select and choose the best for your presentation.

The greater the pool you are selecting from, the greater the likelihood your presentation is going to stand apart from the norm.

Additionally, this kind of preparation will give you a sense of power. You will know much more than you are able to impart in the allotted time. You will be an authority on the subject - and it will show!

Standing up in front of an audience with hastily prepared notes or little or no preparation can be a daunting scenario.

However, when a speaker is so thoroughly prepared that he or she becomes an authority on the subject, armed with a bristling array of interesting facts and information sure to enthrall an audience, fear of public speaking will rapidly recede into the far distance!

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The Art Of Public Speaking For Those Who Fear Speaking In Public
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