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Word Power: Strong Effective Communications For Real Men

Jan Verhoeff

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Politically correct terminology resounds with wimpy language unsuitable to the likes of Heroes of the Past, according to Lance Winslow. I have to agree, PC terminology lacks the punch of real words and energy, all while bending to a tide I choose not to follow.

Last night I was speaking with a client who pointed out a conspiracy afloat in the media. A conspiracy, I might add that I’d been too busy to notice. To the tune of Politically Correct Liberalist Media this may sound a bit controversial; so be it.

A shooting in Salt Lake City, Utah mall was laid at the hands of an 18 year old youth, very few articles mentioned that the youth was a Muslim Refugee from Bosnia or Croatia (depending on which in depth article I found). 6 American people died at the hands of this terrorist and the news media can’t come up with enough motivation to call him what he is?

When women entered the workforce, their language became stronger, in order to loose the powder puff image of their debutant predecessors. When an executive spouts “Kick Butt Marketing Tool" to the Management Team, they all know what he means and there’s no pussyfooting around the Business sense of the words.

In these days of acceptance and tolerance of various politically correct establishments and peoples, I find it ironic that white American professional men are told to soften up and adopt a more acceptable manner of speech. Dominant speech patterns imply strength, power, and leadership - all good qualities to have in professional positions. So, what’s wrong with having strong men at the pentacle of Business in America? Or, anywhere else for that matter?

I can certainly empathize with those who prefer not to hear the “f" word spoken in every sentence, perhaps we should alert Hollywood to their uninspired vocabulary behavior? However, I don’t see the logic in softening dominant speech patterns to politically correct mush that lacks the power to get the point across.

And about the current trend of terrorist shootings in the USA? I find it pathetic that we feel a need to empower suicidal martyrs with freedom to pursue their demented goal of death at the expense of American citizens. For the plight of terrorists everywhere, we need to rewrite history, use politically correct language, and immaculate our heroes?

I think not! Speak your mind using strong language, Lance. We need leaders with the ability to carry on a conversation in words that suggest power, strength, and heroic tradition.

Jan Verhoeff is a writer, a copywriter, and a marketer. Her strengths empower others to fulfill life long goals and ambitions with encouragement and spirit. Sign up for a FREE subscription to “The Branding Iron" an online Ezine/Newsletter available monthly at and learn important tips for building your own business online.


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