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Article Marketing Advanced Tips for Success

Sean Mize

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Article marketing is my primary method of traffic generation and profit creation. Yes, article marketing is extremely powerful, and one of the greatest things about it is that it seems to have no bounds.

Now, I realize that it probably does, but when you realize that probably only 100 people in the world make a full time income online, contrasted to 1000’s in other internet marketing niches, there is a lot of room for growth and new entrants.

What are some of my advanced secrets for article marketing success?

1) I write articles prolifically. I believe that there is power in numbers, and I believe in massive action. I know how many subscribers my average article nets me, and I know the profit level of my average article-generated subscriber. This is one of the most important numbers in my business.

2) I currently only use one article directory for all my article submissions. I have done extensive testing and have found that like 95% of all my traffic came from that one site, when I used to post to around 100 different article directories. Another note on that: testing is critical to everything you do. If you are not testing, you are missing out on profit opportunities, for sure. You just have to test. When you test, you often find ways to make things work that no one else has discovered, and you also find out that some things don’t work as well as the experts would have you believe.

3) I write my articles aggressively. The only reason I write is to get people to click through and be prequalified to like me when they get there. That’s it. Forget about trying to please everyone – I don’t care who closes this article without clicking, I only care that the ones that click through genuinely like me and want more information.

I also believe in intense targeting when you write your articles – articles are not read by people looking for general information, in my opinion, on the other hand, they are read by people who need specific information. So write your articles to the person who needs something specific today, and they will respect you and look for you tomorrow when they need more information.

By the way, just a note on the internet marketing niches – when you specialize, you eliminate the tire kickers. Let me explain – if you are marketing to the general public about starting an internet business, you get everyone who is just getting started and only like 5% of them ever make any money. And if they are not making money online, most of them are not going to continue to spend it. Sure, they will buy the first course or two, but I am looking for the long-term customer. The person who gets on one of my specialized niche lists, they probably already have an online business and are actively spending money to promote their business. I am going after a piece of that pie, rather than trying to create new believers in internet marketing.

So I obviously believe there is more money to be made in the internet marketing niches, and the same thing applies: write targeted information to get the best subscribers, the ones who are actively working the business and are spending money on tools. Beginners aren’t generally spending money, and when you write beginner articles or general articles, that is who you are targeting by default – someone who is just looking, hoping and wishing they could get started online, but hasn’t spent the money to do it. Let someone else convince people to get started online, and you go for the people who are already spending it.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 800 articles in print and 9 published ebooks.


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