How Do the Top Authors do it?

Buddy Shearer

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Now I know you have seen the experts here and if you have taken gander at their list of articles you will probably wonder like me as to how they accomplished this feat. Think about it. The top twenty-four expert authors on this site alone have over one thousand articles. There is one author with almost four thousand articles. The top dog here has over ten thousand articles. How did they do this? Quite honestly, it is easy.

If you look at the next five authors on the list then you will see that they are approaching the thousand article mark. Now that is a milestone. In my case, I am striving for the one hundred article milestone. I am sitting at around seventy.

Now here is the secret. Be patient and consistent at writing articles.

In my case, I am lucky. I am married to a great person that is talented and knowledgeable with grammar and Latin which aides her significantly in English. To cap things off my daughter is gifted in English too. So I have at my disposal two individuals that surpass me in English and writing skills

This leads me to a new boost in my business. Can these two extra people boost my bottom line. Well, I am counting on it. There is certainly power in numbers. My focus will be on this article site. In my opinion, this is the grand daddy of all of the article websites. So if I can refocus my two new people to two other sites then that will definitely increase the potential traffic to my different sites.

In closing, while I have two other people helping pump out more articles it is also important to focus on your site as well and to keep it optimized using good SEO Tactics. After all, Search Engines are our friends too next to article sites. To be honest, I do not know exactly how they do it but I am sure they probably employ some use of other resources like me.

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