5 Reasons Why Being a Virtual Copywriter Rocks

Dina Giolitto

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Do you like your job? As a freelance copywriter who works virtually, makes my own hours, has the freedom to invent my own marketing promotions and cherry-pick clients, I'm over the moon for what I do. It's not easy to break into the Freedom Zone when you've been conditioned into the corporate mindset for half a lifetime. But once you cross over. . . there's no going back. Here's why I live for what I do, every single day. I want you to be in the place where I am!

5 Things I Love About Being a Virtual Copywriter

1. Meeting emboldened entrepreneurs.

I've pitched all-natural honey, eye exercises on CD, a revolutionary beltless car wash system, an emerging young rap artist, personalized video Santa Grams for kids, a high-end start-up catering business, gourmet plantain chips, online greeting cards by mail. . . the list goes on and on!

These enterprising clients of mine have realized something amazing that maybe you have yet to know? You can do and be WHATEVER you want. The internet makes it all possible!

2. Rush jobs.

Maybe I'm a bit of a sicko, but rush jobs give me a rush. It's true that planners are less stressed overall and believe me I've been stressed. But last week, when that random real estate pro crawled out of the woodwork at 4:30 pm on a Friday and chucked me a sweet sales letter job, I took it and ran with it. It was FUN.

3. My “virtual officemates. "

You have your cubicle mates, I have my email inbox buddies. Thankfully most of my favorite virtual consultants are like me in that they'd rather bounce marketing ideas off me than tell me about what their kids did last night. Keeping it professional, business owners helping business owners, that's what I like! Thanks to the power of the web, I now have my own trusted nutritionist, virtual assistant, podcasting expert, article marketing team, homemade shortbread peddler, search engine expert and love coach. Find your niche online and then make connections that take your business to new heights.

4. My off the wall clients.

I love that my technology client calls me “dude" in her emails. I dig the guy who was spewing profanity on the phone yesterday because he's clearly in need of marketing assistance and I can help.

I love that my gourmet food client was tickled pink to see that I'd blogged about her and emailed to tell me “I showed my husband what you wrote!" (Sometimes I forget that blogging is still a novelty to many people). I love that I'm doing work for a woman who got saddled with the stress of handling moves for the companies where she worked so many times that she finally quit and started up her own professional relocation service.

I love that I helped launch the first ever Canadian podcasting survey because I know the technology company who conducted it from the Ryze network.

5. My Web site - the one I designed myself.

I'm rather proud of the fact that my copywriting and marketing Web site wasn't built using some gross-looking template with a weird background design that looks like crinkled up lunch bags sprayed with glitter. I made the logo myself, knowing nothing about logo design. It thrills me when people “get" that I'm the Head Copy Chick of Wordfeeder.com. I find it exciting that I'm still at the top of Google for my selected search term and that I can do the same for my copy and marketing customers. I'm stoked that fellow professionals read my copywriting ezine and then want to sign up for my services.

Are you vomiting into your briefcase yet? If so, why do you still have a briefcase? Today at Wordfeeder we are celebrating the joy of being self-employed. What do you love most about being an independent consultant or business owner? Share your personal victories right here. Leave a comment below.

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