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Sean Mize

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How would it feel to master your niche? What if your niche recognized you as the premier expert in your niche area? I submit to you that niche article marketing can help you become #1 in your niche area.

I know that sounds crazy, since the internet is so advanced and there are already so many experts out there. But I want you to think about the fact that many marketers have avoided the smaller niches because there is not enough money in them. So what has happened is that a lot of the niches only have for competition a few people who are not experienced marketers but are rather just good at what they do. What does that mean to you? It means that you can use hardball niche article marketing strategies and in some cases propel yourself to the number one spot in the search engine results for your niche.

With niche article marketing, you can also put yourself in the position where each of the top ten spots for your keyword, that the web site itself has your name listed on it as an expert in your field. So not only do you get the number one position if you do things right and others sleep on the job, but you can also potentially be the preferred expert on all the other websites on the search engine results page. So imagine what happens in someone’s mind when they go to search for information and every web site on the search results page has your name on it? They are going to perceive you as the expert and buy your product from your web site.

So how do you do this stealth niche article marketing?

1) Write 20 articles to start with, on your web site topic. Prepare a resource box with anchor text and live links going back to your web site.

2) Post 5 of these articles on the top ten biggest article directories, as evidenced by their respective pageranks.

3) Do a search of your keyword and look at the web sites that come up in the top 20 positions. Contact each of them personally and offer to write a testimonial for their web site. Most web sites should be glad to do this – testimonials are strong forms of credibility.

4) Offer to help them write content – give them some of the articles you have written already in step 1. Just be sure your name is included in the bio- you don’t even need a live link, unless they don’t care, but the key is that your name is on every web site in the top ten results.

5) Submit a few articles to at least 100 article directories.

6) Submit your web site to at least 100 web directories.

Using these stealth niche article marketing strategies, you should easily be able to catapult yourself from a nobody in your field to an expert in your field.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 600 articles in print and 9 published ebooks.


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