Article Writing - How to Create an Article Title That Pulls Readers

Sean Mize

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Your title is extremely important, and must be compelling. It must drive the surfer online to click into the article to read it. It must therefore be specific about what it is going to address, because the surfer is looking for specific information.

Keep in mind, if they do not open your article, they will not read it, and if they do not read it, they will not click through to your web page. So the title is critically important. Now, not only should the title give specific information about what the article will cover, it also needs to have very specific, keyword-oriented language so that if someone is searching the internet or an article directory for specific information, they will be able to find you article.

I like to begin my title with the keyword that someone might use to find my article, if they are interested in the article topic.

For example, if I am writing an article about deep sea fishing, my article title might read like this:

Deep Sea Fishing – Fishing Equipment Hazards and Warnings

Now that is a very highly targeted keyword rich article title.

If someone types in something like deep sea fishing hazards or deep sea equipment warnings, I might get a click into my article. These are very targeted readers, as should be most of your article readers. You see, the more highly targeted is a reader, the more likely they are to be in the buying stages, and not just surfing aimlessly.

Now after the keyword beginning, I am very specific about what the article is going to cover.

Now, one thing that is very important here is that your article actually answers or addresses the question or specific topic in the title. That is a credibility issue. If the reader does not think you have been honest in your title about the article, they will doubt your credibility when it is time to subscribe or buy.

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Create An Article Reference Box That Calls To Readers
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