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Anybody Seen A Decent Home Computer Business Idea Anywhere

Kevin D Browne

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Looking for a home computer business idea and you've run aground on your search?

Fear not, help is here. And article writing is the key, your key to finding REAL work with your own computer from your own home.

Let's start at the very beginning. You DO NOT have to be a great writer to write articles. That's my opinion, but then again I was a copywriter and I don't think I write like the typical article writer, so I'm biased.

I always tell people to write like themselves. This way, once you discover that article writing is one of the best home computer business idea, you'll be able to find you writing groove. And it's not hard. It just takes practice.

Okay, here's why I am so beyond thankful that I quit my Madison Avenue job to write articles. Again, it all comes down to exposure.

We all know that making money on the internet is a game of numbers. The more people you ‘talk to’ the more likely you are to make money. That part's obvious. What makes article writing so incredible is the fact that once you've written about a subject you know or love, and after you've put in your keywords in the right density into those articles (density of keywords is just a fancy way of saying how many times they appear throughout your articles) you will have exposure that would have cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising dollars to get.

How so?

Let's say you've written your article on “Old Italian Meatball Recipes. " You know the subject and you choose to focus on those four words ‘old italian meatball recipes’ as your #1 keyword. Yep, keywords can be several words. I didn't know that either ‘till I got here, trust me.

After you've written your meatball article (lol) and submitted it to the best article directories, the ones most loved by Google and Yahoo, you wait a few days.

After about a week, if you do a search on ‘old italian meatball recipes’ your article will be among those returned by Google. And depending on how specific your keywords are and how competitive those keywords are at that time, you might just end up as the #1 result.

And people trust natural results far more than they ever will the ads that appear on the same page!

Now do you see why I'm convinced that writing articles is quite possibly the BEST home computer business idea?

That's the general story. Now start on your own home computer business idea go here article marketing for YOUR ULTRA SPECIFICS on how you can get going immediately. Then read Kevin Browne's HIGHEST RATED opportunity reviews at his new site


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