Why I Prefer Article Marketing to Pay Per Click Advertising


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Don't get me wrong. I think that pay per click is a very important part in promoting your online business. However, especially when you are just starting out, I will always prefer article marketing over pay per click. Let's take a look at why;

Pay per click costs money and article marketing does not. Ok, so a lot of people will then argue that article marketing also costs you something, and that is time. Fair enough, but then I can throw it back to you and say that ppc also cost you time. You still have to do the keyword research, group your ads, tests your ads, write your ads and continuously monitor your ads. So let me rephrase my previous statement;

Pay per click costs you time and money and article marketing only costs you time.

Pay per click looks like an ad while article marketing doesn't (if written correctly). Let's face it; people in general are always weary of ads. No matter how targeted your ppc ad is, the prospect is always going to be on guard when he or she clicks on your ad. This does not mean that they ultimately won't purchase anything from you, but that it will always be a difficult task to sell or pre-sell someone that has been referred to your site from an ad.

Article marketing is different in that the prospect usually finds your article through organic search or other websites that your article is on. They are then not offered anything to buy yet. Instead, they receive some information to solve what ever problem they have.

By the time they have reached the link to your website at the end of the article, they already have some kind of indirect relationship with you, and generally feel less guarded to purchase any of your products.

Pay per click campaigns generally bring in a high amount of impulsive trigger happy mouse clickers. These types of visitors will visit your website out of curiosity, and then hit the back button straight away. You can only imagine how much money has been wasted.

Article marketing again is different. Traffic resulting from your articles is generally from visitors that want more from you. They enjoyed the information your article had to offer them and want you to provide them with more. You can see how this could turn into something very lucrative.

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