I Remember When

Jim Meisenheimer

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I Remember When . . .

I remember When coffee was ten cents.

I remember when doctors made house calls.

I remember when pilots had the best jobs.

I remember when a McDonald's hamburger was fifteen cents.

I remember When the big three dominated the auto industry.

I remember When James Bond had the only cell phone in town.

I remember when box seats to a baseball game cost five bucks.

I remember When CBS, NBC, and ABC were the only TV stations in town.

Now - here's something else I remember. I remember When there were only two places you could get a book. A library or a book store.

Of course my memories are of times gone by. And as time goes by things evolve and get better.

I write a lot about books. I've also written seven books. One of the most dramatic changes to the publishing industry is how books are ordered and delivered.

Naturally you know the amazon.com story and if you haven't tried ordering from Amazon I think you're making a mistake and probably spending more for books than you need to.

A little history here. In the past, books came in two versions - hardback and paperback. Now there's a third version - audio books. Yup - you can listen to books as you're sitting in traffic and driving from account to account - making your car a classroom on wheels.

And now there's even a fourth version, an eBook, and my research indicates 90% of all salespeople in North America have no experience with eBooks and that's a big mistake in my book.

If you're already buying and reading eBooks - please go to the next section now.

On the other hand, if you have zero experience with eBooks, please keep reading for another minute.

What's an eBook. Well it's an electronic book. Simply stated, electronic books are a collection of pages that are read with a reading device, computers and electronic book readers.

I just did a Google search on the word eBooks and there are 58,800,000 links.

These virtual or eBooks are a great alternative to the usually more expensive printed versions.

Briefly - let me share with you how eBooks are ordered and how they can be read.

The process is basically simple.

1. Visit a website, for example www.meisenheimer.com

2. Look for an eBook you like and hit the order or buy now button.

3. You're taken to an online payment services site.

4. You complete the ordering information and within moments your transaction is confirmed.

5. It's that simple.

Okay where's the eBook and how long does it take for delivery?

A. Using autoresponders, a techy term, you will get an e-mail which includes a link for your eBook. Usually - you'll get this e-mail within minutes after placing your order. Remember you should use this link with 24 hours of ordering. It's that fast.

B. You're eBook is sent to you via e-mail as a zip file in PDF format.

C. You should save your eBook to your computer - I suggest you create an folder and name it eBook.

D. You can read the eBook on your computer screen or do what I sometimes do. I get 3-hole copy paper, print it out, and put it in a big three ring binder.

E. Another option includes downloading to a Palm Pilot or other hand-held devices.

Now you know everything you need to know about eBooks. What could be better than that? I'll tell what's even better - getting your first eBook for FREE.

I realize for some of my readers this will be your leap into the 21st Century and so I'm going to make it very easy for you.

Here's a link for one of my eBooks - just to get you familiar with how it all works.

Here's the deal and if you're interested .

The title of the eBook I'm giving you is, “25 Ways To Get Motivated For A Sensational 2007. "

Use this link to get started. If it's not a hot link you'll have to cut and paste it.

http://www.meisenheimer.com/products/25motivated. pdf

Hope you enjoy your first eBook experience.

I remember when most of my subscribers had never ordered an eBook. Those were the days!

Make today your best day of the week and live it as if it were your last.

Jim Meisenheimer publishes Knockout Selling Tips Newsletter. His goal is to help salespeople win bigger sales, make more money, and KO their competition.

Use this link to see Jim's 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers book. http://www.meisenheimer.com/products/12bestquestions.shtml

Use this link to sign-up for Jim's F-R-E-E Knockout Sales Tips Newsletter and to get your copy of his Special Report titled, “The 12 Dumbest Things Salespeople Do. " http://www.meisenheimer.com


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