Article Marketing - Why Some Succeed and Some Fail

Joshua Spaulding

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The thought of one article being submitted to only one place but being published to possibly hundreds of other places is a thought we all love. While this is definitely possible it is a little unrealistic, or is it?

There are so many people in the Internet marketing world that are told article marketing is the key to their web sites success and they are right. The problem is many are not told exactly how an article should look and that grammar and format are important. This information is out there but sometimes you have to look for it. One simple way to learn what an article should look like is to do a few searches on some major article directories. Find a few articles that have been viewed several hundred or even thousands of times. If an article is viewed that many times it must be good.

If you sit down and just start typing until you reach four or five hundred words without making your article stand out you will simply fail. Many take this news in a bad way and want to lash out at those saying it. If you want to be successful this is the type of thing that you must realize. If your article marketing campaign is doing just fine then you know the importance of quality articles and I would urge you to spread the word and let others knows how important quality is.

If you are like many others and your article marketing campaign does not seem to do you any good I would like to suggest a few things.

- If English is your second language you may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter to create your articles. If you do not have the money to do this you should at least use a good word processor like Microsoft Word that has a good spell check tool. There are many people with English as their primary language but they are still having problems; that is when interest comes into play.

- If your grammar is perfect but your article marketing campaign still does not seem to help as much as you would like it to then you may need to work on the interest of your viewers. Think of some of the problems your viewers may be having with whatever the main topic of your site is. It is important to write articles that will really help people. If your niche is Internet marketing you probably wont have much success with an article entitled ‘ Reciprocal Linking ‘. Think of things that those in your niche truly have trouble with. If you do not know the answer yourself; research until you do.

- Make sure you are not placing loads of links in your articles. While most article directories only accept a couple links in the signature, some accept as many as you want to put in. When an author places several links inside one article people do not want to publish it to their site. Of course it is not a good thing to have a lot of outgoing links on one page so why publish an article with five outgoing links when they can find one just as good if not better with one or two links.

- Look at the format of other approved articles in popular article directories like and format yours similar. Many people try to italicize, bold and underline words in the article thinking it will make it stand out when it reality it does not help at all. Just keep it basic and to the point.

Basically, write quality articles that are free of grammatical errors and that grab the attention of viewers. Be sure the format is consistent with successful articles that you find in popular article directories. If you follow these basic guidelines you will soon realize why so many people claim that article marketing is the best web site promotion technique.

Joshua Spaulding is an Author and Webmaster providing Proven ways to Make Money Online including How to Write an Article to Promote your Site.


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Article Marketing Tips - Why You Need to Write Your Own Articles to Succeed
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