A Powerful Method of Promoting Internet Marketing Articles


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There's a new resource for posting internet marketing articles that is highly effective and really works. It offers a great deal more writer control of the material than any Internet Marketing articles resources that have come before it.

It's called a blog (short for web log).

Creating yours or your firm's own blog is easy and sometimes free. Worst case cost scenario is that creating a blog to post Internet marketing articles is dirt cheap compared with the cost of outsourced professional expertise for Internet marketing articles onto your newly designed company Web site or the Web site of others.

Blogs are not only cheap, quick and easy, but their Internet marketing articles capture the eye of millions of online consumers. This is primarily because they are so interactive and engaging. If you want to sell anything, or influence anyone on the Web these are the two buzzwords you must keep in mind - interactive and engaging.

People who come to the Internet aren't just looking for information and products. They're looking for back and forth communication and the ability to control their environment. If you don't have a product that consumers can respond to, talk among themselves about, talk to you about, give their opinion of, and buy online, your business may be doomed to fail.

Blogs offer what online consumers want. While a blog's immediate purpose is not to sell, it can direct folks to your e-commerce-enabled site. More importantly the Internet marketing articles you post there can set you up as the expert in your field, or even a totally unrelated field. The importance of a blog is to be personable, approachable and engaging. The articles that you put on your Internet blogs may not appear - actually SHOULD not appear - as blatant marketing - but truly they are.

Consumers buy people, they don't buy products. If you, Molly Quinn, have a blog about your extensive experience making quilts starting at grandma's knee, those readers who understand, empathize and like Molly Quinn are far more likely to follow the hyperlink to “Quinn's Quilts" and buy one for their bed, than those who don't read your blog.

Blogs are truly Internet marketing articles - but what you're marketing is generally yourself. Marketing the product or service you sell from your Internet site is a beneficial offshoot of these blog articles. If you're in business, this offshoot is the point of your blog.

Peter Morgan is the founder of "J.V.Members" - that enables anyone to earn money online, by writing short articles. If you're interested in making money working from home please visit Make Money at Home Writing Articles


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