To Write A Killer Article - Just Make It Invisible

Kevin D Browne

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Invisible? As in can't be seen? Read on.

Obviously we all know that our articles must grab our readers by the heart and should and have them begging for more. That should be the price of entry. Each and every sentence in every paragraph has an ultimate job to do and that is to entice the reader to keep moving forward. Your sentences must build in anticipation of a dramatic conclusion. . . even if we know what that conclusion is.

The best writers in the world are so good at this, and have us so wrapped around their little fingers its scary!

But as ‘visible’ as our words need to be to pull these eager minds along. . . what should be invisible are. . . you guessed it. . . YOUR KEYWORDS.

Yes, them.

In essence, it is your job as an author to sprinkle your keywords into the mix of your article with as much flair and as much skill as you can. You must make your keywords. . . INVISIBLE. And the ability to do so is something everyone can learn. Trust me on that one.

Remember that scene in “A Beautiful Mind" when a then-nuts Russell Crowe stares at the wall of writing and he starts to see words take form?

That is exactly how you must look at your article (Yes, pun, I know. ) You must be able to stand back and be able to see your modest sprinkling of keywords in your article. Care to know why. . .

Because that's exactly how the spiders for the search engines look at them. They go in looking for the content that is being sought outside in the Google Search arena.

If you have your keywords in your articles, hidden to a large extent to the reader (lest you be considered an evil spammer) the spiders will reward you. Care for a test?

What do you think the keyword are in this article?

Good luck!

Kevin Browne is a twenty year Madison Avenue Senior Copywriter veteran. Diring his time at J Walter Thompson, Mc Cann Erickson and Young & Rubicam, he produced several hundred television commercials.

Mr. Browne is now teaching others how to break into the world of advertising and how to substantially increase the effectiveness of their articles at .

Mr. Browne recommends only one product for anyone seriously seeking to do business online:


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