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If you're thinking about self-publishing there are a number of excellent resources, especially on the Internet. You may need help writing the article or book you want to self-publish, you may want to find the best places or ways to market it, and you may need help determining book size, fonts or book cover design. There are also self-publishing resources that will give you some guidance on how to create and use your Web site and blogs to promote your book.

As with most other business ventures, doing it all yourself keeps the entire revenue pie for you. The more you delegate elsewhere the smaller your portion of the profit will be. On the other hand, if you find and use the right self-publishing resources, especially if you're new to publishing, the bigger that total profit pie will be.

To exemplify, if you write your own e-book, design your own e-so-so book cover, use a free blog site to list your book and tell your friends and your friends’ friends about it, we'll assume your $7.95 e-book sells 100 copies for the first month. If, however, you get a great artist and marketing guru to design a fantastic cover and give the book a spiffy name, and you pay her or him what amounts to $1 for each book you sell, the name and cover are so attractive that maybe you sell 150 copies the first month. Now your total revenue jumps from $795 to $1192.50, only $150 of which must go to your artist / marketer. In this case, the smaller part of the bigger pie is in your favor.

Another self-publishing resource might be a book marketing firm that designs the cover for $100 flat, and takes 30 percent of the price of every e-book you sell. This may well be one of the best self-publishing resources, however, as its name is well known and the site has great unique visit stats. This marketing firm has thousands of e-books in its repertoire, and the firm is selective. If the book isn't deemed marketable by these experience pros, and if its writing isn't top quality, this firm won't take it on. Were this firm to increase your monthly sales from 100 to 300, your own profit would go up to $1569.50.

These are the things you must weigh when determining the self-publishing resources you're going to use.

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