The Exponential Power of Articles

Alastair Harris

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When submitting an article to an article directory one must be aware that such an action is just the beginning of a long journey for that article.

Even if you submit to just one directory, particularly an immensely popular one like this one it is not long before that same article starts showing up in first ten, then twenty and then even a hundred other places. Actually for article writers, such as myself, it is occasionally fun to get online to search for a particular article that we have written. It can be amazing and sometimes surprising where your articles end up.

This occurs because other webmasters are always looking for good content to draw traffic to their site. Most people are lazy and try to avoid work, or some simply couldn’t write an article to save themselves, or some just really are fans of your articles, so they via RSS feeds and the like acquire a steady stream of articles from their favourite authors or on their favourite topics. This is a mutually beneficial relationship – they get your ‘quality’ article for zero work and effort and you get another website which links back to your original sites thus hopefully drawing an even increasing stream of traffic. To those who take articles without including the links, you are in breach of copyright and risk financial penalty, or at least a dirty e-mail.

Because your articles are likely to keep turning up on more and more sites another important lesson is to ensure that they are something you can be proud of. One of my early articles I didn’t re-read and the spelling and grammar were less than ideal. Now there is nothing I can to stop this error ridden article from continuing to spread like a virus across the internet with my name attached. So now I try to read an article a couple of times and you should do the same. Most people on the internet are nice understanding people and aren’t going to crucify you for the odd spelling or grammar error, but try to keep them to a minimum. Also beware that if you include an e-mail address you may become a target for spammers, it may pay to set up an extra e-mail address or two or get a spam filter.

Finally the real exponential power of articles is by writing one you start to unleash yourself on the internet. Your ideas, your personally, your business goals. By writing an article you are unleashing your own inner potential, helping achieve not only your own goals, but providing help to others achieve theirs. I a firm believer in what goes around comes around, what you sow so shall you reap.

Throw out the seed today for a crop that you will keep harvesting for years to come.

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Power of Articles and the Various Proven Article Marketing Techniques
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