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People have a lot of different reasons for wanting to write a book. For one person, maybe they enjoy reading books so much and they would like to try their hand at writing one. They are the people who can always guess the end of the story before they get to the ending and are always thinking to themselves that they could certainly write that story.

Some people also lead extraordinary lives. Although I do believe that everyone life is important and interesting to them, most of us do not lead lives that are very interesting. At least not interesting enough that others would want to spend their hard earned money to read about. But there are some people who lead incredibly interesting lives and others do enjoy reading their stories. Famous athletes and the rags to riches stories are usually popular. People who accomplish great things in business or their own personal lives are interesting. Those who have overcome great obstacles in order to be successful are interesting and inspiring. But for those of us who lead normal, everyday lives, stories about going to the grocery store or selling life insurance for the most part aren’t interesting enough for anyone to want to read them. If you have the desire to write a book, but not a life story to tell, writing someone else life story is also an option. Pick out a person you admire and research their life. Is there really a story to tell?

If you enjoy writing, writing a book is a great way to do what you love and challenge you to the next level. Writing a book is a big undertaking and for those who enjoy writing, it can be an very enjoyable experience figuring out how to do it. If you have extra time and enjoy writing, writing a book is a great way to use your extra time productively and perhaps end up with a source of income when you are finished.

People have many reasons for writing books. They are all varied and good ones. If you have the desire to write a book and a great story to tell, I highly encourage you to get started!! Sometimes all it takes is to get started with that first chapter and you can see your story idea taking on a life of its own. The story can be written faster then you imagine.

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