How To Use Goals And Action Plans To Achieve Speed Reading


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If you don't set goals in life to achieve whatever you want, you will never find meaning in life. Therefore, setting goals make it possible for us to achieve things we could not achieve ordinarily. If it's not in your habit to set goals, then it's time to learn how to do so to give your life a meaning.

Speed reading is an art one can learn if one has enough will power to train self about it. To do that you will need a plan that will help you to achieve your goal or aim of becoming a speed reader. We are going to take up some tips that can help us to set goals and plans to reach those goals.

To set a goal you need to categorically write your goals down to make it real to you. If possible write it on a paper and paste it in places where you will be constantly reminded of your goals. Then use affirmations to bring it home. This time around your goal should be:"I want to achieve speed reading in recorded time. " When you affirm your goals, you are making it more concrete in your mind and thus solidifying your desire towards this goal. These affirmations will help you to define an action plan towards achieving this goal which is speed reading.

The first step you will take in order to achieve this will be going online or to your local library to find out speed reading materials.

You can also go further to draw outlines that will help you to reach your goals. This outline should include strategies, tactics, procedure, which you will be getting from the materials. Some examples of these processes include reviewing, surveying, or scanning the material before the reading practice.

Next, your action plan should be in form of diagrams, charts, sketches, graphs or a simply a progress charts that you will use to record the rate of your performance as you improve. This will help you to actually measure your progress as you try to learn speed reading. It will also help you to reduce discouragement or laxity towards reaching your goals.

Now let's bring all the information above home. If you are starting, this is likely the step you will take to discover your speed reading ability.

The Thought Test. Find a comfortable zone and reason on what effect speed reading will have on your present reading skills and how this will be beneficial to you in the future and why you should learn this art.

Actually, from most people, the real intention behind their wanting to learn how to speed read is for self improvement and to help them in areas like public speaking and other areas i may not be able to mention at the moment.

To make it easier for you to learn how to speed read, think of a material that you have never got the time to read, but you are certainly interested in the subject. Pick it up and use the next 10 minutes to read it and check how many pages you covered and your understanding. Remember to use your progress chart report to record your performance. You will need to practice at this till you see that you are covering more material in lesser time.

This way, you will see that if you have set goals, using well defined action plans that your goal will be realised if you follow the plans accordingly.

Now go ahead and read this very article again. How long did it take you to complete it? What were you able to comprehend?

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The Use Of Reading Styles To Increase Your Speed Reading Skills!
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