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Speed reading is the process of finding strategies, systems, and techniques to help us read as fast as we can. When we read, we try to sift out the relevant details from the whole lot. For a speed reader what matters is the important details, other information are unnecessary. If a speed reader concludes a piece of write up and doesn't understand it, he goes back to it and re-reads it.

A clearer explanation of speed reading should help any prospective speed reader to grasp what is expected of him in speed reading. Speed reading can also be defined as the process of using the sight reading skills to decode vital information in any reading material. To maximize your reading experience, you should make it your goal to review or sift through the material before starting speed reading.

It is vital that you take this step of reviewing as this will give you all the details you need for a full comprehension of the materials before you start reading. If you have one information in the mind, sifting will help you extract this information and ignore others as long as you have the full info on hand.

For you to increase your vocabulary and comprehension you must learn how to read very well. You must practice reading on a regular basis. As you read, you build your vocabulary and comprehension level appreciates, you will also notice that your speed rate increases. However, if you start thinking that vocabulary building is the only way you can successfully speed read, then you are wrong, because reading alone is a skill that can help you in learning speed reading. The fact is while reading can help in building vocabulary and comprehension, it does not mean you will need to have too much vocabulary to speed read since you need skills to speed read. Maybe giving you the true meaning of reading and vocabulary will help you understand my points.

Vocabulary is your learned choice of language, terms, words that you have stored in your memory that helps you to relate with written materials and find comprehension while doing so. We build our respective vocabulary through reading. It is our list of words just as i mentioned earlier.

Reading is ones ability to correctly understand written words. To read and gain comprehension, we must study and learn how to translate expressions to our understanding.

It is important that we understand that speed reading is a technique anybody can learn and can be used to his advantage and succeed. However, you must learn how to practice speed reading skills in order to be a pro speed reader.

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