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I’m sure you’ve read about the great “new" way to advertise on the internet. Article marketing. It doesn’t cost you anything but your time and you can generate tons of free traffic. Sounds great, right? Now only if you didn’t have to actually write that darn article.

Here are some tips on writing articles for the internet to help make you job easier.

1. Pick a subject you already know something about. It will make the article writing task so much easier and cut down dramatically on your research time.

2. Write a quick outline first to organize what you want to convey in the article. But don’t write out the whole article yet-just points you want to cover.

3. Do you need more information on any of your points? Find it now and write it down.

4. Name your article. Make it short and direct. Make sure the article name is directly related to the article content. Use any major keyword you are targeting in the article title.

5. Write out your article. Don’t worry to much about format. Try to keep the sentences short and easy to understand. Make sure all your article points are covered in a way that anyone can understand. Assume that the person reading the article knows nothing or next to nothing about the subject you are writing about. Make every part of your article very clear and easily understood.

6. Proof-read your article. Use your spell-checker. Correct any mistakes and make sure that the article is informative and has good quality information. This is the best way to make sure that your article will be reprinted and give you the extra exposure and free traffic that you are looking for. No one will want to reprint an article with false or out of date information.

If you use these tips, you will get better and better at article writing. It is a great way to generate traffic if you have the time to devote to it. You will soon see your name and article popping up all over the internet. This should generate more targeted traffic and should help add more income to your business without cutting into the profits. It’s a great marketing tool to use in conjunction with all your other marketing efforts. It is more time consuming then others but the possible returns should make the extra time well worth it. Especially if you enjoy writing and have a knack for it.

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